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Member Milestones: Celebrating Your Success

Member Milestones: Celebrating Your Success

Welcome back to member milestones. Today, the Alliance of Independent Authors is continuing the series of posts celebrating your success. As always, we're very proud of all of our members at every level. A huge congratulations to the members featured today. 

Dan Gallagher headshot

Dan Gallagher

Author Member

Dan Gallagher is a former U.S. Army Ranger & retired Financial Advisor; published in fiction & nonfiction since 1992. Find out more on his website.


I signed with The William Pettit Agency (represented 5/2014 through 2023).

My next book, The Secrets of Successful Financial Planning was

  • Traditionally published by Skyhorse Publishing 9/2018
  • CWG Seal of Approval 1/2019
  • Marketed by Simon & Schuster Jan 2023

I also had six short stories traditionally published in anthologies by Millhaven, Superversive, and Tuscany Presses. These are the first third in Book 2 of the Ancient Beacon anthology.

Last, Ancient of Genes was:

  • Finalist (along w/ $ecret$ TV drama screenplay & bible) in Page Turner Awards 6/2021
  • Two awards (novel: Metaphysical Sci-Fi & Sci-Fi) from CMA 2022 Book Awards 6/2022
  • Readers Favorite International (RFI) First Prize in Teen/Adult Sci-Fi July 2022
  • Per RFI at Miami Book Fair Int'l: AOG bested over 350 other Sci-Fi novel submissions.)
  • AOG released 9/2022 as Audio Theater edition (thrilling sound effects, original music scores; Reader Greg Thomas has nearly 3 dozen distinct character voices).

What Have You Learned?

One gets nowhere without trying.

KC Savage headshot

KC Savage

Author Member

KC Savage writes steamy reverse age gap, cheating series. Find out more on her Linktree.


I've published a 3 book series, Love, Emma. A novella, A Dual Lie and 3 poetry books.

Why are you Proud?

Because I've never been this brave in my life. Ever!

What Have You Learned?

Writing the story is the easiest part of being a self published author. 

John Malnor headshot

John Malnor

Author Member

John S Malnor writes fiction, and non-fiction linked to my work as an executive coach. Find out more on Linkedin.


I recently published my first novel.

Why are you Proud?

Completing the novel and publishing it were important goals to me, and it felt great to see my friends reading the story on the beach recently. 

What Have You Learned?

I learned how important a good team is to deliver a good final product 


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