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Member Milestones: Celebrating Your Success

Member Milestones: Celebrating Your Success

Welcome back to member milestones. Today, the Alliance of Independent Authors is continuing the series of posts celebrating your success. As always, we're very proud of all of our members at every level. A huge congratulations to the members featured today.

Lisa Weckbacher, Associate member

Associate Member

Lisa M. Weckbacher is an author of children's fiction. Find out more about her on her website: www.littlewhoobooks.com


I'm ready to launch Book 1 of 3 from the Shape Stories with Farm Friends Series: What Is the Shape of My Egg?

Why are you Proud?

Writing children's books is a new venture in my academic career.

What Have You Learned?

“When one door closes, another one opens.”

headshot of Katie L. Carroll Author

Katie L. Carroll Author

Author Member

Katie L. Carroll is an award-winning author who writes books for kids, teens, and those who are young at heart. Find her on TikTok.


My first children's nonfiction book Selfies from Mars: The True Story of Mars Rover Opportunity earned an orange banner on Amazon for being the #1 new release children’s aeronautics & space books.

Why are you Proud?

It's always a challenge to branch out into a new book category. All my other books are fiction, so to have my first nonfiction book hit #1 confirms that I can continue challenging myself and trying new things as an author.

What Have You Learned?

I've learned that there really is no limit to what I can publish myself and that it's okay to trust that I'll find readers with new stories.

J.R. Thorn also known as A.J. Flowers

Authorpreneur Member

Alyssa writes under 5 pen names: J.R. Thorn, A.J. Flowers, Eva Storm, Aurora Weiss, and Jennifer Thorn. She is best known for her “why choose” romance books on J.R. Thorn. Find her on TikTok.


I am now a full-time writer as a career. I “retired” from my design engineer position this January. 

Why are you Proud?

As the sole breadwinner for my family, and in the states where medical insurance and retirement greatly comes into play, I was afraid I'd never make enough from my books to justify leaving my job as an automotive design engineer. It feels like a dream come true.

What Have You Learned?

I've learned that life can be what you imagine if you're willing to work for it, be patient, and never ever give up. Be willing to make sacrifices, be willing to learn from those who have the life you want, and be willing to give yourself grace when you need it.


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