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How To Make The Most Of ALLi Membership #2: Write A Guest Post For Our Blog

How To Make the Most of ALLi Membership #2: Write A Guest Post for Our Blog

This month's top tip for how self-published and indie authors may make the most of their ALLi Membership comes from Debbie Young, Commissioning Editor of ALLi's blog of self-publishing advice.

Photo of Debbie Young at her desk

Debbie Young edits this blog

This blog is, of course, visible to the general public, and you don't have to be a member of ALLi to benefit from reading it. But two aspects of this blog are exclusive to ALLi members, whether authors, partners or and associates, and those are:

  • the opportunity to write guest posts
  • the inclusion of your news in the weekly Member Showcase

Writing Guest Posts for the ALLi Blog

Being a guest writer on the ALLi blog offers four significant benefits:

  • the opportunity to raise your profile before a global audience
  • the facility to include links back to your author website, boosting its SEO status
  • public recognition that you are part of this highly regarded organisation
  • a chance to be “discovered” by other useful contacts that might otherwise not find you

On this last point, I heard today that as a direct result of a post here earlier this week, one of our guest bloggers has been invited to write a  piece for a major e-publishing platform.

To maintain the quality and relevance of the blog, there are some specific requirements for guest blog posts, and also a pre-planned schedule of broad topics, so it's not a free-for-all. If you'd like to do a post, do contact me with your initial idea before you write it, to make sure it's a good fit for the blog first, and that I haven't just agreed to take something similar for someone else. I'm always happy to receive suggestions, and I'll do my best to help you devise a post that will fit. A supply of enthusiastic volunteer bloggers certainly makes my task a lot easier!

Showcasing Your News on the Blog

Karen Lotter Social Advice for Self Publishers

Karen Lotter compiles the Showcase

ALLi members are also entitled to submit news items about their work for inclusion in the weekly Member Showcase. This is expertly compiled by Karen Lotter every Wednesday to show off members' news to best advantage. Whether you want to promote a book launch or signing event or to share a milestone achievement such as achieving bestseller status, if you're an ALLi member, your news qualifies. And of course, these items may include valuable links back to your own websites, just as the guest posts do.

Great Value for ALLi Members

I admit that as this blog's editor, I am especially fond of it – but even applying a cold commercial eye, I'm convinced that the opportunities the blog offers are enough to justify any member's annual fee, even if they don't engage with ALLi in any other way. But with so many other benefits offered by ALLi, that's unlikely to happen. This time next month I'll be identifying another way to make the most of your membership of our increasingly prestigious and well-known organisation.

If you haven't yet joined ALLi but would like to do so, please click here.

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