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IndieReCon 2015: Let The Games Begin!

IndieReCon 2015: Let the Games Begin!


Get ready for our competition challenge ahead of IndieReCon 2015

With the IndieReCon 2015 free online conference just a month away, there are so many good reasons why indie authors should register, not least the three super competitions running during the event. What’s involved? Here is your starter for ten…

2015 IndieReCon Grand Prize Giveaway

The Duchess of Windsor said you can never be too rich or too thin.  Hmmm.  Here’s what we say: you can never have too many books, especially if you are a librarian or school principal.  Our IndieReCon grand prize giveaway is an e-reader, sponsored by Kobo, and packed full of as many indie books as it can hold from indie authors around the world. The prize is open to representatives of libraries and schools everywhere from 6th April on, and it couldn’t be easier to enter; simply tweet about the giveaway and like our Facebook page using the giveaway widget on the competition site.  Indie authors are invited to submit their work for inclusion on the e-reader by filling in the quick entry form, or emailing the cover image and an EPUB copy of their book. The closing date for entries is 17th April.

Book Cover Contest

We’re told we should never judge a book by its cover, but often, as readers, we do just that. Our IndieReCon 2015 Book Cover Contest sets out to find what makes a good indie book cover. And usually it’s the one that instantly speaks to the reader, visually relaying all-important info such as genre, and whether or not it’s your kind of book. This is a front cover competition, for a book which is, or will be, published independently. Entries must be complete with title, author and all other relevant cover matter. The awards will be presented for Best Cover Art, Best Cover Layout, and Best Overall Book Cover, with a cash prize divided equally among winning entries and an electronic badge for their site or blog. The competition is open authors, artists, designers, photographers and anyone who holds the rights to the book cover design, or has permission from the rights holder of the book cover design. Check out our trio of experienced design judges on the competition site, and also the latest entries just in. Enter by filling in the form, or by email  The closing date for entries is 10th April.

2015 Book Description Contest

You’ve written a book, but can you come up with those key words on the back cover that make it irresistible beyond the cliché of  ‘a must-read’? This can be surprisingly tough, forcing you to tell your story in maybe just a sentence or two, while convincing that hesitant reader as to why your indie book is the one that stacks up against all of the others. Check out the competition site to see how our first entrants have tackled this. The competition is open to any indie author, self-published, or published by a small press. There is a cash prize for the winning entry, and winners also receive an electronic badge to go on their site or blog. The contest will be judged by popular vote (between 6 – 16th April), and the closing date for entries is 31st March.








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