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How To Self-Publish and Sell Poetry in the Digital Era: Michael La Ronn

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Everybody knows that poetry doesn’t sell, right? Wrong, says Michael La Ronn. The ebook era and self-publishing have created new opportunities that make it easier than ever for poets with the right tools and the right perspective. This session offers an abundance of tips on using current publishing trends to monetize poetry, whether it be a single poem, an existing collection, or your next manuscript. A must-see presentation for any poet who wants to stand out in this genre.

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For three (3) lucky entrants, Michael will be giving away his Indie Poet Power Pack that contains:

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  1. Michael, I’ve been reading and writing poems since paper and pencil days! Dealing with technology has not been a favorite thing for me to do, and I still prefer being traditionally published. However, I did manage to upload a couple of Kindle e-books on writing and poetry but not of my actual poems – most of which have been previously published in journals and e-zines.

    Your video now inspires me to group poems for e-books. If I can figure out how to do audio books, too, that would be great as I normally like to read my work aloud (presently have a touch of laryngitis.)

    Thanks so much for your encouraging words and excellent ideas. God bless.

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