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How To Optimize Your BookBub Submission: KATIE DONELAN

How to Optimize your BookBub submission: KATIE DONELAN

If you’re a self-published author, one of the biggest challenges you’ll face is getting your books in front of new readers when hundreds of thousands of books are published each year.

Price Promotions

A price promotion is one of the most effective ways to make your book more attractive to potential readers. And as a self-published author, your book’s price is something you have control over. Whether you’re looking to launch a new book, ramp up backlist sales, expand your audience, or hit a bestseller list, running a price promotion in conjunction with a BookBub Featured Deal can help.

BookBub Featured Deal

A BookBub Featured Deal lets you promote your discounted book in our daily email and on our website, reaching millions of new readers interested in your genre. Thousands of authors have used BookBub to drive sales for backlist books, get readers hooked on the first book in a series, and boost their book up the bestseller list.

Here are some of the stats showing how a Featured Deal helped our partners:

  • 82% of partners saw an increase in full price sales after BookBub featured one of their books.
  • 86% of partners’ books reached higher ranks on retailer bestseller lists.
  • 73% of authors reported a higher number of reviews or other measures of reader interest a month after their promotion.
  • 70% of authors sold more copies of other books on their backlist during and after the promotion.

BookBub receives an incredibly high volume of submissions for our Featured Deals, and we limit the number of books we include in the email each day to ensure subscribers aren't overwhelmed and authors see the results they hope to achieve. This means that we’re only able to select around 20% of the books submitted to us to feature in our daily email.

So what can you do to optimize your BookBub Featured Deal submission and ensure it has the best chance of being selected? Here’s a complete guide we put together on how our selection process works, including tips on how to improve your submission:

We hope this helps! If you’re ready to submit one of your books for a Featured Deal, head over to http://partners.bookbub.com to create your account and get started.

BookBub Infographic: Curation Process



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