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How To Make Money From Your Writing

How To Make Money from Your Writing

Writing for the love of writing is all very well, but love won't pay the rent.  ALLi Director Orna Ross and ALLi's US Advisor Jane Friedman consider the many creative ways in which self-published authors may make more money from their writing than simply by publishing books.

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Orna Ross, ALLi Director

Advice for Authors including Indie Self-publishing Authors

Jane Friedman, US Advisor

In a comprehensive discussion videocast on ALLi's YouTube channel, Orna and Jane examine the many ways that self-published authors can monetise their writing, including:

  • repurposing your content (think wider than “just” books)
  • reaching more readers
  • selling more books
  • the number one marketing tool for all writers: the email list

Drawing on many case studies and real-life examples, their discussion will inspire you to be more ambitious financially, whichever genre you are writing in. Click here to view the videocast, which lasts just under an hour.

ALLi records one new videocast every month with one of its professional advisors. You may catch up with any you have missed at any time by tuning in to ALLi's YouTube channel.

New Magazine About The Economics of Writing

Scratch logoTo offer further advice about making more money from self-published books, at the start of the 2014 Jane will be launching Scratch, a new magazine that focuses on the intersection of the money and art, literature and business. With the strapline “The Bottom Line for Writers”, Scratch promises to deliver up-to-the-minute information about that taboo subject – how much writers earn – and offer advice on how to increase your writing income.  The preview edition is already available on her website, with a special pre-launch subscription offer of $15 instead of the usual $20 – click here to check it out. The fascinating “Who Pays Writers” section will always be free, whether or not you subscribe.



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  1. I am an avid writer. Through-out my life I started writing as a means of venting my feelings and grounding myself. Now I sell my skill to others and have begun to make money on the side. I do not agree with ‘writers’ who outsource their work and would love others opinions about this subject. I also strongly dislike any content spinner on the market.

  2. Repurposing your content is a great idea and in addition to monetizing your writing you are also able to reach a wider audience. If you write a specific genre or cater to a niche you can look for blogs in that niche and there could be paid writing opportunities.

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