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Create More, Create Faster, Create Better: Orna Ross

Create More, Create Faster, Create Better: Orna Ross


Orna Ross Headshot Black and WhiteOrna Ross, Director of ALLi, shares the core principles of a creative mindset and her favorite creative tools. The aim of this session is to show you how to cultivate the create state, understand your own creative psychology and empower you to write and publish more, faster and better.

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Orna is offering one free membership to her Creativist Club. This club is not just for writers or creatives but for anyone who wants to consciously create anything.

Everything you need to catch your own creative flow and allow it to take you, effortlessly and imaginatively, through the seven stages of the process, from creative intention (Stage 1) to completion (Stage 7).

The creative way is different. More fluid, more graceful, more self-loving. If you’ve been struggling with conventional productivity and motivation methods, is it time for you to go creative?

Orna Ross


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  1. Hi Orna,

    I enjoyed your presentation. You mentioned that you can turn any book into an ebook – how about a journal that is mainly more or less blank pages for the reader to fill in?


  2. As the man says: Great session, Orna. The crackling energy of the live presentation at the start is pulled through and woven neatly into the second section, rich with creativist work/rest/play details. It feels like two halves of the whole. Thank you!

  3. I really enjoyed this session, but I have a question about passion. I’m at a point now where I can produce writing with some mild enjoyment even if I don’t feel “the muse,” but the writing usually still comes out feeling stale and emotionless. Do you have any tips for infusing emotion in your writing when you just don’t “feel” it?

    1. This may actually be best handled in the editing phase. Firstly, do not look at it for a while. Keep moving on, without judging. Then, after some time, revisit and you will see the writing more clearly, without the haze of emotion that is inevitable when still close to it. If you find the word choice is flat, at that point you can start to energize it by using stronger and more energetic word choices. Concentrate particularly on the verbs and nouns, eliminate all unnecessary adverbs and adjectives (and if your nouns and verbs are strong enough they are all unnecessary!) and you should find things liven up! After doing this for some time, you’ll find your first drafts will start to feel livelier too.

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