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Book2Look: What Is It? And How Does It Work For Self-publishers? Ralph Möller, Karen Inglis & Beth Werner

Book2Look: What is it? And how does it work for self-publishers? Ralph Möller, Karen Inglis & Beth Werner

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Book Expo BEA 2017 IAF LogoThis post is part of Book Expo Indie Author Fringe, an online author conference that showcases the best self-publishing advice and education for authors across the world — harnessing the global reach of the Alliance of Independent Authors’ network. Our self-publishing conference features well-known indie authors and advisors, for 24 sessions over 24-hours, in a one-day extravaganza of self-publishing expertise straight to your email inbox.

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Book2Look SpeakersGerman publisher Ralph Möller devised the Book2Look widget, which offers samples from your book side-by-side with social links, to be a “viral marketing tool for books” in the German, English and Spanish-speaking worlds. Together with Karen Inglis, a children’s author who has been road testing the tool, and Beth Kallman Werner Founder and President of Author Connections, and US agent for Book2Look, he discusses its value for self-publishers. The panel also addresses the wider challenges of book discovery for indie authors.

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  1. I like the concept but I do not know if it is affordable. As a US author, how likely is this service to aid with growing an audience and awareness. It is a step-up from creating a flip magazine which seems to be gaining steam amongst content providers these days. Thank you for sharing the information.

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