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Black Friday And Cyber Monday ALLi Partner Discounts For 2022

Black Friday and Cyber Monday ALLi Partner Discounts for 2022

The end of November sees our an annual burst of furious shopping as Black Friday and Cyber Monday supply a bounty of internet bargains. Over at the Alliance of Independent Authors, we love a good bargain, especially when they're for writers. This year, ALLi partner members have offered a stack of generous deals for writers on all sorts of awesome tools, products, services and more. There's something for every writer at every level in this Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale for writers. These are our ALLi partner discounts for 2022.

Our thanks to all the ALLi partners who have provided a discount. Please note, ALLi does not gain affiliate fees from any of these recommendations. We include them because we think they're a good deal and no other reason.

To Make the Most of the Discounts

We have separated out the categories into the following:

  • Audio Services
  • Courses and Coaching Services
  • Design Services
  • Editorial Services
  • Marketing and Promotion Services
  • Multi-full Services
  • Organisational Discounts
  • Writing Services
  • Other Specific Services

How to Access the ALLi Specific Discounts

There are some discounts that require a code and that can be found in the member portal. Navigate to allianceindependentauthors.org, log in and then navigate to DEALS AND DISCOUNTS. Be sure to check the descriptions and valid until dates.

Conference Library

Grab ALLi's Self-Publishing Advice Conference lifetime access.

Get 50% off six-month and lifetime online conference passes. Find out more on their website here. Or contact Kayleigh on her email.

Unrestricted access to the full archive of the Self-publishing Advice Conference, SelfPubCon, including the recent Reach More Readers Conference!

SelfPubCon, the Self-Publishing Advice Conference, runs in association with the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) and runs once a year, featuring the cream of self-publishing authors and advisors. The access passes give six-month or lifetime access to an extensive conference archive featuring self-publishing advisors like Jane Friedman, Mark Lefebvre, Robin Cutler, Joanna Penn, Orna Ross and 100+ more.

DISCOUNT: Half-price access with code SPC22SALE

VALID from 21st – 30th November.

Audio Services

Company: Spoken by Lisa, Spoken by Lisa

Contact Details: Lisa Armytage, [email protected]

Discount: 10% Audiobook Narration & Editing Discount.

Description: Voice Actor Lisa Armytage is offering a 10% discounted audiobook narration service, with or without editing/mastering, until 1st April 2023.  This includes an initial Zoom consultation with the author to discuss character voices and delivery-style, and a recorded sample of up to 5 minutes. Full editing and mastering service is offered with my editor Alan Boyd, if required. Proof-listening and upload of the completed files to a distribution platform is not included. Discount rates: narration only is £90 ($100) per finished audio hour, or £130 ($145)  p.f.h. where editing and mastering is included.

Valid: 10% discount until 1st April, 2023.

Courses and Coaching Services

Company: Author Cultivation, Author Cultivation

Contact Details: Eliza Osborn, [email protected]

Discount: 25% off a 30-minute consultation call


25% off $45 for a half-hour consultation call. That's $11.25 off! Schedule a consultation with Eliza, who has years of experience both in the traditional and self-publishing marketplaces. Ask your questions and finally get some straight answers! Come away with actionable steps that will get you closer to your goals. It's a great way to see if Author Cultivation's other services would be a good match for you, too! Contact us through our Contact page. In the message box, let me know you're an ALLi member and give my your membership name and number. I'll be in touch to schedule our call.

Valid: 31st December, 2022.


Company: Stuart Wakefield: The Book Coach

Contact Details: Stuart Wakefield, [email protected]

Discount: 50% discount on all services

Description: I am offering a staggering 50% discount on all my services until 28th November, provided those services are paid for by that date.

Valid: 28th November, 2022.

Design Services

Company: Digital Authors Toolkit, Digital Authors Toolkit

Contact Details: Stuart Grant, [email protected]

Discount: 15% off – A world class Author Website

Description: We are thrilled to offer a 15% discount off the price of a stunning Author Website from the No1 web designer on Reedsy. Fully designed and built just for you, we promise a world class site. This will be a superior marketing tool, not just for readers, but for publishers, agents and more who may look for a writer like you. This is your chance to get a website that will help you sell books and grow your mailing list.

Valid: 27th October, 2023.


Company: Becky's Graphic Design, LLC, Becky's Graphic Design

Contact Details: Becky,[email protected]

Discount: Black Friday Interior Formatting Deal, $500 off Interior Formatting of $1500 dollars or more

Description: Work with Becky's Graphic Design, LLC and save $500 off one of our custom book design packages of $2500 or more. This is available to new authors until December 16, 2022.

Valid: 16th December, 2022.


Company: MiblArt, MiblArt

Contact Details: Helen, [email protected]

Discount: 15% OFF, not valid for illustrated covers.

Description: We're offering 15% discount on all our services, except illustrated book cover design. Valid from November 25 to November 28, inclusive. Find the promo code in the ALLi dashboard.

Valid: 28th November, 2022.



Contact Details: Damon Freeman, [email protected]

Discount: 15% discount off any of Damonza's cover design and interior formatting services.

Description: Our biggest discount ever! Get 15% off any custom book cover design, interior formatting or book trailer service. Valid for any orders placed from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.

Valid: 29th November, 2022.


Company: Stygian Press, Stygian Press

Contact Details: Craig, [email protected]

Discount: 10% Discount on Design Services

Description: Stygian Press is offering ALLi members a 10% discount off all design services, including: cover design, interior design and formatting, ebook formatting, marketing and promotional item designs, author websites, and book trailers. Subject to availability, as our schedule tends to fill up quickly due to high demand for our services. Contact us today for more information and availability.

Valid: 31st December, 2022.


Company: Katie Birks Branding & Design, Katie Birks

Contact Details: Katie Birks, [email protected]

Discount: 15% Black Friday & Cyber Monday Promo

Description: 15% off Brand and/or Website Design Services for ALLi members. Give your online author presence a boost with a professionally designed brand and website. Book a free consultation before 16th December via my website and quote the code in your ALLi discounts dashboard to get started. Confirmed projects will be scheduled for 2023.

Valid: 16th December, 2022.

Editorial Services

Company: The Narrative Craft, The Narrative Craft

Contact Details: Andrew Hodges, [email protected] 

Discount: 15% Manuscript Evaluation discount

Description: All members of ALLi receive a 15% discount on manuscript evaluations arranged between now and the end of the year.

Valid: 31st December, 2022.


Company: Sandusky Editorial Services, Sandusky Editorial

Contact Details: Cyndi Sandusky, [email protected]

Discount: 10%Discount on Copy/Line Edit

Description: I'm offering 10% off a full copy/line edit of your manuscript until December 15, 2022.

Valid: 15th December, 2022.


Company: Fresh as a Daisy Editing, Fresh as a Daisy Editing

Contact Details: Holly Mangin, [email protected]

Discount: Black Friday/Cyber Monday 15% discount

Description: Would you like a copy edit, a line edit, or proofreading services? I will thoroughly review your manuscript, looking to improve such things as poorly constructed sentences and paragraphs, finding those pesky typos, making sure details are consistent, and much more. This discount is not valid in conjunction with other offers. This discount can be applied between November 21st and December 16th, 2022.

Valid: 16th December, 2022.


Company: Jessica Kate Brown, jessicakatebrown.com

Contact Details: Jessica Brown, jessicakatebrown.com

Discount: 10% off copyediting and proofreading services

Description: We are offering 10% off all copyediting and proofreading services booked before 31st December. 2022.

Valid: 31st December, 2022.


Company: Alex James Novels, Alex James Novels

Contact Details: Alex, [email protected]

Discount: 20% off all my services

Description: For projects over 10,000 words, please take advantage of this offer. Please mention you're an ALLI member citing the special offer discount, and it will be applied to your quote. Discount end date: 30th November 2022.

Valid: 30th November, 2022.


Company: Amelia Winters Editing, Winters Editing

Contact Details: Amelia Winters, [email protected]

Discount: 15% Off Developmental and Copy Editing Services

Description: I am currently offering 15% off my editing services for ALLi members.

Valid: 31st December, 2022.


Company: Bookworm Yogi LLC, Book Worm Yogi

Contact Details: Julie Schrader, [email protected]

Discount: 25% off Black Friday Deal off copyediting

Description: All copyediting services booked and deposit paid between 25th Nov and 31st Dec 2022 receive a 25% discount.  Services must be used by 31st December 2023.

Valid: 31st December, 2022.


Company: Purple Ninja Editorial, Purple Ninja Editorial

Contact Details: Melissa Stevens, [email protected]

Discount: 10% Off Editing Services for Fiction Authors

Description: Fiction authors who book developmental, copyediting, line editing, or proofreading services before January 31, 2023 will receive 10% off their total investment. Reference code in the discounts dashboard

Valid: 31st January, 2023.


Company: Elle Turpitt Editing, Elle Turpitt Editing

Contact Details: Elle Turpitt, [email protected]


Discount: 15% Discount on All Editing Services

Description: 15% discount on all editing services for ALLi members until 31st December

Valid: 31st December, 2022


Company: Luna Imprints Author Services, Luna Imprints Author Services

Contact Details: Alexa Padou, [email protected]

Discount: Black Friday Deal! 40% off any edits!

Description: Take. advantage. of our offer of 40% off editing services for ALLi clients – normally only offered to recurring clients! Developmental editing (fantasy, romance, sci-fi genres), copy editing or proofread (all genre), all 40% off.

Valid: 29th November, 2022.


Company: Winskill Editorial, Winskill Editorial

Contact Details: Gale Winskill, [email protected]

Discount: 10% discount on all editorial work

Description: I am offering a 10% discount on all editorial work booked in by 31 January 2023.

Valid: 31st January 2022.


Company: Fictionary, Fictionary.co

Contact Details: Kristina Stanley, [email protected]

Discount: Fictionary StoryTeller Software 40%

Description: 40% off monthly & annual subscriptions for one year. StoryTeller is creative editing software for fiction writers and editors that makes editing easier by applying universal storytelling structures to each and every scene. Evaluate and revise your manuscript against 38 Fictionary Story Elements to tell a powerful story that readers will naturally connect with. After you've written your draft, it's time to revise your story, and Fictionary will guide you through your edit. Turn your words into a great story.

Valid: 30th November, 2022.


Company: The Durango Wordsmith, https://thedurangowordsmith.com

Contact Details: Laura Dent, [email protected]

Discount: 15% off Developmental and Line Editing Package

Description: Book your developmental and line editing package by January 15, 2023 to receive a 15% discount (be sure to mention ALLi Black Friday to get the deal!).

Valid: 15th January, 2023.


Company: Fiona Herbert Storyteller, Fiona Herbert

Contact Details: Fiona Herbert, [email protected]

Discount: 10% proofreading, copy editing or line editing discount

Description: I am offering a 10% discount for all new clients on all my editorial services until 31st March.

Valid: 31st March, 2023.


Company: Suzanne Arnold, Suzanne Arnold

Contact Details: Suzanne, [email protected]

Discount: 10% off non-fiction copy-editing

Description: 10% off non-fiction copy-editing: if the edit is booked for a slot during the first six months of 2023 and you pay the booking fee by the end of 31 December 2022 UK time. Get in touch to find out whether we might be a good fit and how my availability fits with your schedule.

Valid: 31st December, 2022.


Company: GrammarToGo, GrammarToGo

Contact Details: Kathleen Costello, Red Pencil in Chief

Discount: 10% Copyedit discount

Description: Don't let stray apostrophes or dangling participles get in your readers' way! I will copyedit your fiction manuscript of up to 100,000 words to detect imperfections that may detract or distract from your creation. I offer a ten percent discount on the standard fee for new projects accepted by the end of March 2023. Authors may submit a ten-page sample for a preliminary edit before committing.

Valid: 31st March, 2022.


Company: Lexical Peaks, Philippa B Lewis

Contact Details: Philippa Lewis, [email protected]

Discount: 15% discount on developmental edits and manuscript critiques

Description: 15% discount off a developmental edit or a manuscript critique for authors of speculative fiction (including fantasy) or YA. Edit must be booked and deposit paid by 31st December 2022. I'd love to work with you to help you tell the best story you possibly can. Contact me for a no-obligation quote for your manuscript. “I have no hesitation in recommending Philippa to any established or would-be author looking for competent and friendly yet professional editing services.” – Denis Whittaker MBE, author of The Feisty Foursome

Valid: 31st December, 2022.

Marketing & Promotion Services

Company: The Wishing Shelf Book Awards, www.thewsa.co.uk

Contact Details: Edward Trayer, [email protected]

Discount: 10% discount

Description: Entry into The Wishing Shelf Book Awards, a book award run by authors and recommended by ALLi – with lots of feedback from the judging! 

Valid: 31st December, 2022.


Company: BooksGoSocial, BGSAuthors

Contact Details: Laurence OBryan, [email protected]

Discount: $40 off (over 10% on our popular $299 Gold service)

Description: Use Coupon code all40 (no caps & no gaps) to get $40 of all BooksGoSocial book marketing services, from Amazon ads done for you services to book launch promotions to help getting reader reviews. Use the code on the checkout page.

Valid: 28th November, 2022.


Company: Book Brush, Book Brush

Contact Details: Kathleen Sweeney, [email protected]

Discount: 15% Lifetime Discount on the Book Brush Plus, Gold or Platinum Plan

Description: 15% Off (the code will apply 15% off at the initial upgrade AND each year at renewal) Book Brush is the easiest way for authors to create all things social media and so much more. Take advantage a 15% Lifetime Discount on the Plus, Gold or Platinum Plan at Book Brush with code found in the ALLi dashboard.

Valid: 31st December, 2022.


Company: Pauline Wiles Website Design, Pauline Wiles

Contact Details: Pauline Wiles, [email protected]

Discount: Save 30% on Website Kits

Description: Save 30% on a premium website template kit, only until December 4. Get your ideal author site launched quickly and easily!

Includes 14 professional, pre-built Squarespace pages to showcase your book(s) and author platform. Follow the simple step-by-step video tutorials to switch the template content for your own. Choose from beautiful started-for-you websites, made specifically for authors. Absolutely no coding; SEO and mobile-friendly. Use discount code in the ALLi dashboard at checkout for this exclusive limited offer.

Valid: 4th December 2022.


Company: Literally Public Relations Ltd, LiterallyPR

Contact Details: Helen Lewis, [email protected]

Discount: 50% off ALL marketing services in the LitPR shop

Description: 50% Off All Marketing Services For Indie Author Success! From book trailers to bookstagram assets, power hours with the pros to help with your 2023 marketing strategy and social media planning, to new reviews through managed & marketed Netgalley listings, plus our most popular marketing service of 2022: Online Book Review Tours! ALL HALF PRICE! This is a fantastic opportunity to line up professional, friendly support building on LitPR's 11+ years of experience supporting 500+ authors!

Valid: 28th November, 2022.


Company: Book Award Pro, Book Award Pro

Contact Details: Hannah Jacobson, [email protected]

Discount: 25% Off Your First Month (All Plans)

Description: Awards fuel your story marketing to sell more books. Book Award Pro provides custom award matching for your book (and can even perform submissions for you). To get 25% off your first month, visit the link above and choose the best service plan for your book.

Valid: 14th January, 2023.


Company: Sunflower Publishing, Sunflower Publishing

Contact Details: Wendy Ridolini, [email protected]

Discount: 10% discount on a 60 minute marketing strategy online call

Description: Are you launching a book?  Do you need more book reviews? Struggling with social media? I can help you create your author platform, plan a marketing strategy with a minimal budget and give advice on how to use social media to promote YOUR book.

Valid: 31st March, 2022.


Company: Chanticleer Book Reviews, www.chantireviews.com

Contact Details: David Beaumier, [email protected]

Discount: $75 off an Editorial Review

Description: We are offering $75 off our full-priced Editorial Book Reviews through the end of 2022. Editorial Book Reviews are one of the most powerful and versatile tools for authors when it comes to marketing their work.

Valid: 31st December, 2022.


Company: Author Landing Pages, Author Landing Pages

Contact Details: Rafael, [email protected]

Discount: Book landing page with managed hosting and UBL at up to 33% off

Description: Have you ever dreamed of a hassle-free website that works for you with no time wasted on mundane setup and management? Now you can get a professional custom landing page design with fully managed hosting and UBL included at up to 33% off. We will take care of everything: all it takes is 15 minutes to fill out an order form. “No configuration required” universal book link service and book publishing courses included.

Valid: 11th December, 2022.


Company: AllAuthor, allatuhro.com

Contact Details: Mady Joshi, [email protected]

Discount: 25% Discount on yearly pro membership

Description: 25% discount on yearly Pro-Membership until 26th November. Having a Pro-Membership has many perks: 1 book feature listing for free worth $48, New release email blast, Author interview, access to our premium tools to create unlimited seasonal mockup banners and more..

Valid: 26th November, 2022.


Company: Written Word Media, Written Word Media

Contact Details: Mike Hourigan, [email protected]

Discount: $25 Off Written Word Media Gold Membership

Description: We are offering $25 off your first year of Gold Membership.

Valid: 30th November, 2022.

Multi-Full Services

Company: Aaxel Author Services, Aaxel Author Services

Contact Details: Alexa Nazzaro, [email protected]

Discount: $500 off our Classic Book Publishing package

Description: For a limited time, take advantage of the $500 reduction on the Classic Publishing Package. Hurry as we will be adjusting our prices for inflation on January 1.

Valid: 16th December, 2022.


Company: Formatting Experts, Formatting Experts

Contact Details: Rafael, [email protected]

Discount: Save $150 on book formatting and cover design or pay in 10 monthly installments

Description: Are you looking for a quality cover design and book formatting? Now you can either save $150 or split the payment into up to 10 monthly installments. Get in touch by December 31st to let us know you are interested in this offer and receive instant access to our book publishing courses. Manuscript submission deadline: June 1st, 2023. Free landing page design and hosting included.

Valid: 31st December, 2022.


Company: Happy Self Publishing, Happy Self Publishing

Contact Details: Jyotsna Ramachandran, [email protected]

Discount: 10% Pick any service

Description: Get a flat 10% discount until 30th November on any of our a la carte services (like angel writing, book coaching, cover design, editing, formatting, audio narration, website design or bestseller promotions) as well as on our publishing packages (Author Essentials, Author Rockstar, Impact Amplifier). Check out our website or schedule a book strategy call now.

Valid: 30th November, 2022.

Other Specific Services

Company: Plottr, Plottr

Contact Details: Troy, [email protected]

Discount: Save 15% Off Plottr

Description: Plan your books for success with the popular visual outlining software, Plottr. ALLi members can secure a 15% discount through December 2nd 2022 with this code: BFALLI


Valid: 2nd December, 2022.


Company: Riley-Infinity, Riley-infinity.com

Contact Details: Stephanie Krol, [email protected]

Discount: 15% off Metadata Optimization in your existing KDP account

Description: Amazon optimization in an already created KDP account for your book or ebook: keywords / categories  / Author Central

Valid: 29th November, 2022.


Company: Geraldine Evans Author, Geraldine Evans

Contact Details: Geraldine Evans, [email protected] 

Discount: A 75% discount until 31 December 2022


Valid: 31st December, 2022.


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