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Opinion: Never Take Yes For An Answer

Author and performance poet Dan Holloway explains why steering clear of third-party validation is the key to true success as an artist, as a writer and as a self-published author. Never take yes for an answer. Yes comes with conditions. Yes stakes ownership. Yes is the devil whispering “you can have everything I show you” […]

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Dan Holloway, indie author and performance poet

Opinion: If Indieland Must Have Gatekeepers… by Dan Holloway

Indie author and poet Dan Holloway considers whether it’s possible to implement quality control standards in the world of self-publishing without changing the nature of the indie community. Whatever meteorological metaphor you use to describe the proliferation of self-published titles, if you are a serious-minded self-publisher you will probably be relieved at the growth of […]

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Indie Authors Take Note: Prestigious UK Folio Prize Is Open To Self-Publishers.

The Alliance of Independent Authors’s Open Up To Indies Campaign welcomes the news that the newly established Folio Prize, with a top award of £40,000, will be accepting self-published entries.   Originally The Literature Prize, renamed after acquiring sponsorship from the Folio Society, the prize is open to authors of all nationalities writing in English, […]

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Literary Festivals, Book Events and the Self-published Author. By ALLi Community Builder Dan Holloway

As self-publishing becomes more common, and increasing numbers of indie authors achieve both commercial and critical success, literary festivals urgently need to think about their approach to self-published authors. There are three areas where self-publishing writers can add value to a festival or books event, and where literary organisers should consider including self-published authors to […]

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Superb Self Publishing – the Motherlode for Overgrounding

Self publishing is at the cutting edge of the most interesting, radical and provocative writing that’s happening right now.  Dan Holloway comes up from writing his own great work to overground some others.  Underground, Overground… No, whilst they were a central part of my childhood, I’m not talking about the Wombles. In my last post here […]

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Writer: Who Are You? A Guest Post by Dan Holloway.

OK, I’m the first to admit I’m subject to a not insubstantial influence from Ginsberg, Cassady, Patti Smith and various other parts of late mid twentieth century American countercultur — but this really has nothing to do with navel-gazing, primal screams or the Age of Aquarius. Just like those slightly awkward elements of hippydom, though, […]

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