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Ask ALLi April 28 Q&A With Joanna Penn & Orna Ross Video And Podcast

Ask ALLi April 28 Q&A with Joanna Penn & Orna Ross Video and Podcast

Ask ALLi April 28 – Your Self-Publishing Questions answered by Joanna Penn and Orna Ross

AskALLi event

Each month Joanna and Orna answer Member’s self-publishing questions.

The opening topic on today's Ask ALLi was IndieReCon. If you didn't have an opportunity to catch any of the events, they're all available on the IndieReCon website.

You'll find a wealth of information available, and we'll be featuring it on this website too over the coming year.

And now to the Q&A portion:

  • How do you set up a landing page incorporating MailChimp when you're using a wordpress.com blog?
  • What's the best way to coordinate all the different events and opportunities around my ebook and paperback book launch?
  • Do you have any guidance that you can offer about publishing English Language books in China via Amazon Seller Central?
  • Do you have any practical guidance for using Ingram Spark which seems a lot more complicated than Createspace?
  • Is it better to do expanded distribution for Amazon through CreateSpace or Ingram?
  • What is the current data regarding the trends of purchases made via book stores, like Barnes and Noble, and Universities/Colleges?
  • Is it possible to do expanded distribution through both CreateSpace and Ingram, i.e. soft cover ISBN (purchased on my own) through Create Space with Amazon and the hard cover (separate ISBN) through Ingram with Amazon? And how does this work with the eBook version–Is it possible to distribute the same book with different ISBN's to the same vendors, except to Libraries?
  • Is there anything else to keep in mind regarding expanded distribution, particularly regarding eBooks?
  • The strict BISAC system of categories that Smashwords uses provides no category suitable for my books.

The discussion wrapped up with a review of Orna's crowd funding project for “Secret Rose” her passion project to celebrate the 150th birth anniversary of WB Yeats. If you'd like to know more about it, visit Orna's blog.

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