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Enter The “Art Of The Title” Free Indie-Author Competition

Enter the “Art of the Title” Free Indie-Author Competition

“Art of the Title” Competition Now Open for Entries

Attention indie authors and writers! As part of the upcoming Self-Publishing Advice Conference 2023, ALLi are thrilled to announce our first-ever “Art of the Title” free indie-author competition.

The Self-Publishing Advice Conference (SelfPubCon23) runs in association with the Alliance of Independent Authors on October 21st and 22nd 2023. This year's theme “Success Mindset for Indie Authors” is aimed at helping authors develop the mindset, strategies, and skills necessary to succeed in today's competitive self-publishing landscape.

Entry to the “Art of the Title' Competition couldn't be easier using our online form (for more details see below) and there is no fee to enter.

The closing date is Midnight UK Time on September 30th 2023.

What is the Art of the Title Competition?

In this unique contest, your challenge is to convey an entire book in just its title, in the most creative and compelling way possible.

Your title should be no more than seven words long and evoke emotion, intrigue, and a sense of the whole book — be that a non-fiction how-to, a literary memoir, a poetry book, or a dramatic story.

We're looking for creativity, originality, and depth — in a handful of words. So, think beyond the ordinary, push the boundaries, and captivate us with the power of your title alone.

This is a unique opportunity to show off your writing skills in a whole new way! We can't wait to read what your imagination unfolds with just a few words.

Who Can Enter This Free Indie Author Competition?

This free competition is open to all indie authors, at any stage of their writing or publishing.

Submit your entries by Saturday 30th September 2023 for a chance to win a range of exciting prizes.

Competition Submission Requirements

  1. Title: The title of your submission should stand alone and tell a story in and of itself. It can be up to seven words long.
  2. Synopsis: Alongside the title, provide a single paragraph (up to 200 words) that outlines the imagined book. This synopsis should not be a summary of the plot, but a description of the broader themes, settings, and characters that the title suggests. It's about creating an atmosphere, not detailing a story.
  3. Original Work: Your submission must be entirely your own original work and not infringe on the copyright of any other work.

Competition judging Criteria:

  1. Creativity: This criterion will assess how unique and imaginative your title is. A winning title will need to be original and inventive, showing a fresh perspective or a creative twist on familiar themes.
  2. Evocativeness: The best titles will evoke strong emotions or vivid images. They will catch the reader's attention and make them want to know more about the story.
  3. Consistency Between Title and Synopsis: The synopsis should support and expand on the story suggested by the title. The best submissions will make the reader feel as though the title and synopsis come from a fully realised, larger work.
  4. Clarity and Craftsmanship: While this is a creative contest, correct grammar, spelling, and syntax are still important. The best entries will be well-crafted and clearly written, with every word carefully chosen to contribute to the overall effect.

Competition Prizes

Three runner-up prize winners, and one grand-prize winner, will choose services from a “Get It Written, Get It Published, Get it Read” package of services provided by ALLi Partner Members.

The prizes will be offered across the seven processes of publishing: editorial, design, production, distribution, marketing, promotion and rights licensing. Winners will be given a list of prizes to choose from.

Runners up choose one service each, with the grand-prize winner choosing seven, one from each publishing process.

More information on the grand prize publishing package is here (more prizes added daily).

Text says - Enter the “Art of the Title” Free Indie-Author Competition, with image of book spines“Art of the Title” Free Indie Author Competition: How to Enter

Entry couldn't be easier. There is no entry fee. We just need your name, email address, and your title entry.

Here are the steps:

  1. Craft your title and synopsis.
  2. Submit your entry here.
  3. The closing date is Midnight UK Time on September 30th 2023.
  4. The winner will be announced online, across Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube at our upcoming SelfPubCon.
  5. Help us spread the word – we have ready-made tweets and graphics you can use here!

We will announce the winners live during our Success Mindset for Indie Authors Conference (#SelfPubCon23).

Register here for free three-day access. For full competition terms and conditions, go here.


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