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Ambitious Plans In Place For ALLi Blog

Ambitious Plans In Place for ALLi Blog

Debbie, Self Publishing Advisor

Debbie Young, new editor of the ALLi blog

Having published an astonishing 157 posts in its first year, the ALLi Self-Publishing Advice blog is gaining a reputation as THE essential reference point for indie authors the world over.

Developing and maintaining a blog on this scale is a big job, and to grow it further will require more manpower – and that's where I come in. I'm delighted to announce that Orna Ross has asked me to join the blog team.

Introducing Debbie Young – ALLi Blog Editor

As a passionate supporter of the self-publishing industry, I've been following ALLi since it was founded. I became an Author Member last year and I am proud to be a part of this influential group. I'm also an ardent and experienced blogger on my own two sites, Off The Shelf Book Promotions for book marketing matters and YoungByName for my personal writing projects.

With immediate effect, I'll be the main contact for ALLi's Self-Publishing Advice blog. I'll be responsible for commissioning articles, managing comments, and generally building on the great work done by Orna Ross, Karen Lotter and the many contributors to date. Orna and Karen will still be involved, and contributing posts, and Karen will continue to manage the excellent Member Showcase on Wednesdays (so please keep sending her your news for inclusion).

New Order for the ALLi Blog

As the eagle-eyed will already have spotted, the blog's layout and presentation have recently been fine-tuned to improve navigation and searchability. All the existing posts have been categorised, and future posts will be marshalled such that each day of the week has a specific theme:

  • Monday – ALLi News
  • Tuesday – Opinion
  • Wednesday – Member Showcase
  • Thursday – Writing
  • Friday – Publishing
  • Saturday – Reaching Readers
  • Sunday – How I Did It

There's still some tweaking to be done, but the long-term target is to post a new article every day. To do this, we need your help…

Bloggers Wanted

If you would like to write a guest post in any of the categories listed above, please email me with a brief summary of your proposition, and we'll take it from there. I'll also be on the lookout for interesting comments that could be turned into great posts, so don't be surprised if I approach you from that direction. It doesn't matter whether you've already written a post for ALLi's blog – repeat appearances are welcome. I will also be writing the occasional post myself.

Comments, Please!

But you don't need to write new posts in order to connect with the conversation. Leaving a comment is another great way to get involved – and to bond with other indie authors. Anyone is welcome to leave a comment, so please don't be shy – just dive in and tell us what you think.

While many ALLi members enjoy networking via our various social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter),  the blog is the only one that is also visible to non-members. Even if you've opted to have every new post delivered straight to your inbox, it's worth logging in to the website now and again, to meet other authors and make valuable new contacts.

We hope that with this extra resource, the Self-Publishing Advice blog will continue to attract new members to ALLi, to everyone's benefit.

How would you improve this blog? Are there any particular topics you'd like covered in future? Please leave a comment to share your ideas!


This Post Has 9 Comments
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  2. I have lots of ideas, and must refine them, some horror stories, and some serendipitous occasions, all about encounters likely to the unwary writer starting out and even those who believed they were learning the ropes through the trees who still find elephant traps underfoot. What I am saying is that the Alli blog is a great idea! Hope to contribute.

  3. Sounds terrific. One of the issues that I am sure I am not alone in is I have such a busy inbox. So it will be good to streamline things and focus on just a few websites that showcase the many adventures in indie writing. I look forward to commenting.

  4. I’d definitely love to post about submitting to Literary magazines and how it helps to get your name out there. When I have a post, I’ll email you! 🙂

  5. Hi Debbie!

    Great to hear that you’re on board with the blog team! This is a great resource not just or ALLI members, but also for those thinking of joining the Alliance….which I would highly recommend, – that goes without saying!

    I still can’t help wondering how I ever managed to survive as beavered away on my own trying to work out self-publishing for my children’s books back in 2010…. There were clearly a lot of us all doing the same thing independently – and I guess it was just a matter of time before we found each other. But thank you to Orna Ross for kicking it all off. It’s fantastic to have this community to work with and learn from in the fast-moving market! Onwards!


    1. Thanks for commenting, Karen, great to hear from you! I’m so pleased to have the opportunity to be at the hub of this blog, helping so many authors to get together, whether or not they’ve yet taken the plunge to join ALLi. For me, making so many new writer friends has in itself justified the membership fee!

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