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ALLi’s New Year Resolution: Make The Most Of Your Membership!

ALLi’s New Year Resolution: Make the Most of Your Membership!

ALLi-crowd-LBF14Our regular ALLi news feature shares the latest tips and announcements from the team. This week, we tackle the issue of New Years Resolutions, and have a few to add to your list to make sure any ALLi member gets the most out of our community. We also unveil ALLi Meetups – a new way for our members to connect in the real world.

It's the 9th of January already, and although New Year's Resolutions may be in the process of being broken, we're arriving late to the party with an important one for all ALLi members: Make the Most of Your ALLi Membership!

Our recently launched new look site is now jam packed with resources, tips and ways to maximise the benefits of being an ALLi member and we're rolling out big changes to help our partners make their membership go further. There are two advice guides on site, but as a quick preview, here are our top tips to make the most of your membership.

For Authors

Keep on Top of the Latest Advice

You'll always get regular member bulletins, but if you have less time to visit us daily, why not keep up to date with the latest advice and make sure you are signed up for the Author Advice Centre digest? Available every other week (and to non-ALLi members as well) , you'll receive handpicked suggestions from the latest and greatest posts on our blog. Subscribe to the right of this page.

Connect with Your Community

Whether through the invaluable online support of our lively Facebook community, or by getting involved in ALLi's new meetups (more on that below), we're here to ensure you can connect, learn and contribute to the ever-changing and dynamic community in self-publishing.

Make Your Voice Heard

Did you know that as an ALLi member, you're able to contribute features to this very blog? Or, that you can always send us your latest book news to be included in our weekly Showcase? Make sure you check through our guest-posting guidelines and share your experiences, advice or opinion.

Update Your Profile

Our new site search feature allows journalists, reviewers, festival organisers and (dare we say it) readers, the chance to find an ALLi author based on region, genre or even the purpose of their enquiry. Make sure you get noticed by ensuring your profile is fully up to date, with all your skills and platforms listed.

And whilst you're at it, make sure your membership is working for you by signing up for the correct level. If you've published a book, you can upgrade to Author Membership. If you reach 50,000 in sales, you'll be eligible for Professional Membership. And if you also sell services, Partner Membership will allow you the chance to connect in more ways with potential clients.

For Partners

Make Yourself Known

Our on site Service Directory allows you to list your services and lets our author members find you. Make sure you update your profile – without a profile, you'll be invisible!

Show off Your Deals

With a new Discounts and Deals section and our Member Showcase, you can easily create new offers for our members, set the time period and even publicise them via this blog. Make sure you check the posting guidelines for Member Showcase requirements.

Share Your Knowledge

You've got a product or work in an industry as a professional? We've got plenty of ways for you to support our authors and share your knowledge. From our Facebook forum through to our ALLi Insights events, through to guest posting on this blog, we encourage our Partner Members to collaborate with our authors as much as possible.

Get Yourself Listed

Our Self-Publishing Services Directory is our twice-yearly guide to the best self-publishing services around, distributed to our membership and beyond through various blogs and at Book Fairs and Festivals.

Your ALLi Partner Membership includes a standard listing in the directory, and we've also got opportunities for enhanced listings. To discuss further, drop us a line at [email protected]

ALLi_Social_SquareALLi Meetups – From Global to Local

We've been delighted to see a influx of new members over the holidays and to see our Facebook forum becoming the source of new plans to take online connections out into the real world.

For any ALLi member looking to arrange a get together, we've put together a checklist and guidelines for organising events through Meetup.com over on the main ALLi site. ALLi will cover the costs of getting set up on Meetup.com and we'll happily help you publicise it further afield.

If you are not an ALLi member and would like to find out about our organisation through a meetup, we'd love for you to join in. Admission is 10GBP/USD and we'll be sharing details of our upcoming meetups soon. Or, if you feel ready, why not take the plunge and join us at the Alliance of Independent Authors?

Easy Tweet: NY resolution? Make the most of your @indieauthoralli membership! Our tips here: bit.ly/14CePzU #selfpub


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