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ALLi News – Sell Your Book To Hollywood: A Teleseminar With Voyage Media

ALLi News – Sell Your Book to Hollywood: A Teleseminar with Voyage Media

atck_logoWe’ve been thinking a lot about rights here at ALLi recently, what with our recent partnerships with IPR Licence and Pubmatch, which help you to manage your translation and sub rights. This week, we are looking toward dramatic rights, TV and film.

Film adaptations from novels are nothing new, and production companies are becoming increasingly interested in acquiring self-published work that’s suitable for adaptation directly from authors.  ALLi is keen to explore the various ways you can pitch and sell your rights to film companies, so we’re bringing you two new partnerships that may enable you to do that: one with Dialogue Berlin (not surprisingly in… er… Berlin), the other with Voyage Media in Los Angeles.

More on Dialogue soon but this week, it’s the turn of Voyage, a media firm that provides services directly to authors who are keen to get their books to screen and have a budget to devote to the effort.

Headed up by Nat Mundel, who has worked with producers and movie studios like Paramount Pictures, Universal Music, Jerry Bruckheimer and the Hughes Brothers, Voyage is hired by authors to provide tools and services they need to sell a book to Hollywood — everything from project development to training to putting together a pitch.

Voyage is developing an excellent reputation and some notable successes for self-publishers, including most recently:

  • Fred Eason – 500 Miles To Nowhere – TV Series, Western: optioned by producer/screenwriter, Michael Mahoney .
  • Shirley Sprinkles – From Dunbar To Destiny – Feature Film, Memoir: optioned by producer/screenwriter, Brian Hunt .
  • Bernadette Heath & Janet Farnsworth – Grandma Needs A Four-Wheel-Drive, Reality TV:  in development with TV producer, Maher Jafari.
  • Michael Fowlkes – Perfect Bait – Feature Film, Thriller, in development.
  • Andrew Arden – The Programme – Feature Film, in development with screenwriter Paul Cunningham and producer Elizabeth Kushman.

If you are interested in finding out more, there is an upcoming introductory teleseminar featuring Nat talking with publisher Steve Harrison. Full of insight into the world of adaptation, it is a good way to explore whether TV or film rights are worth investing in for you.

Taking place on Wednesday 12th February at 10am PST/1pm EST/6pm GMT or 5pm PST/ 8pm EST/1am GMT, the teleseminar is 90 minutes long, and if you’d like to find out more or register, take a look here.

The teleseminar is free of charge.

Dialogue Berlin’s model is very different, one does not require payment by the author, and we’ll be back soon to tell you more about that.

The link for the seminar again is here.


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