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ALLi News: Reporting Back From LBF, Looking Forward To PubSmartCon And BEA

ALLi News: Reporting back from LBF, looking forward to PubSmartCon and BEA

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By all accounts, London Book Fair was another massive success for ALLi and for authors, provoking much laughter, tears and hope for indie publishers descending on Earls Court, London for the final time.


We'll have a full round-up on all the videos and media from the festival soon, but for a quick run-down, we'd like to point your attention to ALLi Director Orna Ross, andher excellent and moving account of the fair, including the launch of our Opening Up to Indie Authors campaign and guidebook with the always-wonderful guidebook authors Dan Holloway and Debbie Young.

Cover of "Opening Up To Indie Authors"

There will be more on the guidebook launch as we go global in the coming weeks with our members and Kobo Writing Life, so do stay tuned to the SPA blog for more updates. And in the meantime, don't forget to keep spreading the word by using our #publishingopenup tag on Twittersharing our petition with friends far and near, and by downloading your copy of the guide


PubSmartCon and Book Expo America… coming soon! 

A headsup for our Stateside friends – ALLi will be shifting focus away from London and towards the USA over the next month. First up is the PubSmartCon (running from April 16th -18th), followed by Book Expo America in May. There'll be a confirmed list of events for Book Expo America in the next few weeks, which you can easily access via the ALLi events calendar – including news on the new and updated ALLi publication, Choosing A Self-Publishing Service 2014.

If you are going, we look forward to seeing you there!

A Word on the Blog

Finally, we wanted to let you know we are hard at work, making the Self-Publishing Advice blog even better than before. You may notice some changes while we streamline and there may be a few minor hiccups – so we thank you for your patience whilst the changes we need to make are put into place. 


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