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ALLi News: New ALLi Team Members And The New Members Showcase

ALLi News: New ALLi Team Members and the New Members Showcase

ALLi logoWe are honoured that ALLi is always growing – with new members, new offers and new partners. Which means, once in a while, to keep up with all these changes, our main ALLi team grows. This time, it’s the side that helps you stay social and connected with each other (and us!) online.

We’ve added to our social media team and are delighted to announce that Jay Artale has joined us as Outreach & Social Media Manager. Jay says: “Social Media plays such a pivotal role in today’s digital landscape, and I’m looking forward to partnering with Karen to help spread the word about the high-quality content and support available to the ALLi Community. I’m delighted to be part of such a creative environment. ”

Jay will be working closely with our ALLi Advisors and Ambassadors to spread the word about ALLi across the globe. If you’d like to become an ALLi  Ambassador in your area, Jay is the person to contact — and if you’ve already volunteered, she will be in touch very soon.

Karen Lotter, who has been a familiar face to many of your in our Facebook member forum, will now take on a new role, managing Member News & Social Media.

Karen is the best person to contact if you want to hook up with the ALLi groups on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Goodreads, and LinkedIn. If you are also new to the web, she'll be your go-to for expert – but always friendly – advice. As Karen says: “Over the past almost three years I've got to know many of our members and I've seen how some of them struggle with social media or making the most of where they sell their books. So, I am pleased to help you with your online and social queries.”

Karen will continue to run Member Showcase, which will be getting a new look in keeping with a new time slot (every Saturday)  on the Self-Publishing Advice Centre.

Submitting for the Members Showcase – Important Details for ALLi Members


We are streamlining the process for the Members Showcase as we’ll also be updating the format and finding new ways to share your book news and promotions across the web, connecting with readers as well as other members of the self-publishing community. Good news as well – if you’d like to get planning with your book news, you can also ask us to schedule a Showcase announcement for the future.

If you would like to submit to the Showcase, please take note of the following steps:

As each Showcase runs every Saturday, we’ll need your submissions for the week no later than the Friday beforehand.

FINAL Call for IndieReCon 2015 Submissions!

It's also your final chance to submit your proposals for IndieReCon 2015, which now has a new website – www.indierecon.org – and Twitter handle for you all to get involved with. The link to submit is here, with the deadline for proposal submissions February 1st, 2015.


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    1. Not sure of exact number just now, Chris, but it’s growing all the time, with new members joining from all over the world. There are currently 617 members in the Facebook forum alone, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, as not all of them engage with Facebook (though I recommend that even if members don’t use Facebook for anything else, it’s worth joining to be a part of that group, because it’s such a great source of information, advice and moral support, all shared in confidence). Many more members besides those. All very exciting!

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