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ALLi News: Easy Ways To Get Involved In Self-Publishing

ALLi News: Easy Ways to get involved in Self-Publishing


ALLi’s news this week looks slightly further afield than our individual books – and is all about ensuring our members can participate in the wider industry of self-publishing, with a roundup of some special offers for anyone with an interest in sharing, learning and contributing to the process of successful publishing.

50% off the London Book Fair

Conference season is coming and our eyes are set on London Book Fair in mid-April and Book Expo America end-May. We’re hoping as many of our ALLi members as possible will join us there and know that lots of you are travelling in. Although our free passes have all been snapped up, there are tickets available to member at a 50% discount. Make your way over to the members’ Discounts and Deals section to avail.

Australia: A Survey Worth $1,000 to you (and priceless to other indies)

News from Australian Ambassador, Elisabeth Storrs. A major research project into the creative and work practices of contemporary Australian book authors is looking for indies to participate.

‘This survey recognises the importance of self-publishing in the fabric of the Australian literary scene,’ says Elisabeth, who had input into the design of the survey. ‘I recommend that ALLi’s Australian members take advantage of this chance to share their viewpoint on a national level.’

Link to the Survey

Two randomly selected authors who complete the survey will be awarded $1,000 each. If interested, contact: tom.longden (at) mq.edu.au.

UK: Is Everyone Now a Publisher?

News from England, with Dr Alison Baverstock running a one-day conference at Kingston University on the 28th March, and ALLi’s own Debbie Young will appear on our behalf. Again, we have a discount for ALLi members, with tickets reduced from the £130 list price to £90, on entering the discount code “Partner” when booking.

Global: IndieReCon updates

If you happen to reside in a location other than the UK or Australia, fear not, our awesome online self-publishing conference IndieReCon means you can get knee deep in networking and knowledge without leaving your home (or even your PJs). With the first crop of speakers just announced, we’re delighted to be working on an agenda and event programme that is relevant, fun and without geographical (or financial) limitations. Yup, that’s right, IndieReCon is 100% free to attend.

Follow us on Twitter and register for the IndieRecon newsletter to make sure you stay in touch. Lots more ace speakers and knockout events to follow in the coming weeks.


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