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ALLi Member Milestones: New Contract For R. Sullins, Book Launch For Jeff Probst, And Perseverance From Cammie Corlas Quinn

ALLi Member Milestones: New Contract for R. Sullins, Book Launch for Jeff Probst, and Perseverance from Cammie Corlas Quinn

Welcome back to member milestones. This regular post from the Alliance of Independent Authors celebrates indie author success stories from across our members. A big congratulations to those featured today!

Do you have a milestone to share? 

We are always looking to hear from our members about your achievements; from those of you who are just setting out, to our most experienced Authorpreneurs. We celebrate every success on our member's author journeys, and we are particularly keen to hear about unusual or significant milestones that can inspire our indie author community. 

Whatever your achievement, tell us using this form. We will share a selection of stories each month. Please note that entries are posted as submitted on the form, so please submit the information in a way you'd like shared.

Colour photo of author R Sullins

R. Sullins, Author

Authorpreneur Member: R Sullins

R Sullins is an International and USA Today bestselling author. When she's not writing, you can easily find her with a book in her hands. You can find out more about R. Sullins on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.


I have signed a contract with Podium for a minimum of three books in my Demons Within series.

Why are you proud?

I haven’t even written books two and three yet! It feels like a lot of trust that my work is worth their investment.

What have you learned?

As a still fairly new author, it can be difficult to feel like what I do is good enough. Being offered such an opportunity makes me feel good about my talent and definitely makes me want to keep going.

Colour photo of Jeff Probst

Jeff Probst, Author

Author Member: Jeff Probst

Jeff Probst's latest novel, When the Moon was White, was published in autumn 2022. He has had stories, articles and poems published in literary magazines, journals and newspapers in California, South Africa and London.


I launched my novel, at a local pub on a Wednesday afternoon to about 25 people in the ‘Americana’ group of the local U3A (University of the Third Age). The audience demographic of over-60s was just right: my novel features the Moon Race and music from the Sixties. The group seemed to enjoy the extracts I read, and the Beatles, Herman’s Hermits and Beach Boys tracks.

Why are you proud?

I worked on my novel for nine years, and here was a group of local readers who listened to my words, asked interesting and intelligent questions, and afterwards bought some books.

What have you learned?

Not to panic before my next reading. The people who come want to hear what I have to say.

Colour photo Cammie Quinn

Cammie Corlas Quinn, Author

Author Member: Cammie Corlas Quinn

Cammie Corlas Quinn writes inspirational stories and historical fiction set during the American Civil War.


I finished and published a novel I've been writing for fifteen years. It's been my dream to publish a novel since 6th grade – more than 50 years ago.

Why are you proud?

I published my novel on the 20th anniversary of losing my right eye to cancer. Losing that eye changed the focus of my writing.

What have you learned?

If you persevere, you can use your trials and tragedies to strengthen your writing and reach your publishing dream with an even greater triumph than you had ever imagined.

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