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ALLi Launches 2019-2020 Season Of #AskALLi Broadcast Salons

ALLi Launches 2019-2020 Season of #AskALLi Broadcast Salons

After taking a break for the month of July, 2019, the #AskALLi broadcast salons are back for a new season. As ALLi Communications Manager Boni Wagner-Stafford tells us, there's a bunch that's new: new shows, new co-hosts, and a new sponsor for the 2019-2020 broadcast season. 

The New 2019-2020 #AskALLi Broadcast Salons Lineup

The new 2019/2020 #AskALLi broadcast salons lineup includes Facebook Live video and audio podcasts and reflect the two most notable trends in self-publishing: the rise in poetry as a commercial genre through self-publishing and trade publishing; and the rise in audio through both podcasting and audiobooks.

Beginning in August 2019, today in fact, ALLi brings a weekly advice broadcast, each co-hosted by Orna Ross, in Facebook live video on (most) Mondays. The same salon becomes available as an audio podcast and right here as a blog on Wednesdays. We’ll also have a weekly Inspirational Indie Authors’ podcast interview on Sundays.

NEW: #AskALLi Self-Publishing Poetry Salon with Orna Ross and Dalma Szentpály

In what we believe is an industry first, Orna and Dalma pair up for the first podcast dedicated to self-publishing poetry. On their salon they will share:

    • advice on how to self-publish poetry books for pleasure and profit
    • discussion about writing and publishing options for poets
    • readings from self-publishing poets in a segment called Indie Poetry Please!

For poets, it’s a safe online space to read and perform, to get advice about online poetry publishing and creative enterprise, and to get more attention.

FB Live Video: fourth Mondays, 7pm London time.
Podcast: fourth Wednesdays, 1pm London time.

NEW: #AskALLi Self-Publishing Fiction and Nonfiction Salon with Orna Ross, Boni Wagner-Stafford, and Adam Croft

Another new salon, providing advice on writing, book production, and book marketing from Orna, me, and bestselling crime novelist Adam Croft. This salon is for all levels and will explore a different theme each month from the often-differing perspectives of writing fiction or nonfiction. (Had you heard that business nonfiction outsells all forms of fiction?)

FB Live Video: second Mondays, 1pm London time.
Podcast: second Wednesdays, 1pm London time.

NEW: #AskALLi Inspirational Indie Authors Interview with Howard Lovy

Howard's Inspirational Indie Authors (IIA) has a new focus and a new frequency. Each week Howard will interview an ALLi member and talk about the joy of writing and publishing, inspirational stories, their writing, and what inspires them. Authors selected for an IIA interview have likely done something remarkable and inspiring to other authors. Reach out to [email protected] if you want to request a slot.

Sundays, 1pm London time.

Returning: #AskALLi Members Q&A and Self-Publishing News with Orna Ross, Partner Liaison and ALLi’s US Ambassador Michael LaRonn

Answers to current self-publishing queries. Anyone can listen in and benefit from the discussion but only ALLi Members can submit questions. (Ready to join?) Also, ALLi News Editor Dan Holloway provides updates on the latest news from the indie author-publishing world.

FB Live Video: second Saturdays, 1pm London time.
Podcast: third Wednesdays, 1pm London time.

Returning: #AskALLi Advanced Self-publishing Salon with Orna Ross and Joanna Penn

Kicking the season off with their Facebook live video salon today, 7pm London, UK time, Orna and Joanna return with their popular top tips, tools, and trends for running a successful author business, plus analysis of the latest self-publishing news. This salon, brought to you this season by Specialist Sponsor IngramSpark, is for those who know how to self-publish and want to expand their income and influence.

FB Live Video: first Mondays, 7pm London time. (That's today!)
Podcast: first Wednesdays, 1pm London time.

Subscribe to the #AskALLi Podcast

The podcast is widely distributed on iTunes, Stitcher, Player.FM, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Twitch and other outlets. Click here and look for the buttons to subscribe on your fave platform. Or, sign up to get notified via email right when a broadcast is about to go live on Facebook and when a new podcast is published (#AskALLi advice on Wednesdays, and indie inspiration on Sundays).

See you soon, live on Facebook, or in your favorite podcast place.



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