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A Sneak Peek At Alliance Of Independent Authors’ Initiatives In 2015

A Sneak Peek at Alliance of Independent Authors’ Initiatives in 2015

2015_new_yearThis weeks ALLi news post skips pasts the ghosts of Christmas present and past, looking forward instead to ALLi's 2015, and the new initiatives and projects we have in store for our members and for indie authors everywhere.

We’re all starting to wind down at ALLi for a well-deserved holiday break – but that doesn’t mean this week’s post has any laurels to rest on. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be taking a cold look at what we managed to achieve this year and a warm look forward, with our predictions for the wider of world of self-publishing — and what we believe 2015 may well bring for indie authors.

But first: here’s a roundup of what you can expect from us in 2015:

Rights and Representation for Authors

From January 2015 – our recently announced partnership with Toby Mundy Associates comes into effect, and eligible ALLi Members will be welcome to submit their work for representation. Find out more about the partnership and eligibility criteria here.

More Resources for our Members

Our newly revamped website will continue to expand, offering our members the very best in advice and resources. From free guidebooks to smaller bite-sized handouts, podcasts and videos – there’s a smorgasbord of self-publishing tips and tricks from our team, advisors and ambassadors.

More Resources for the author community

Alongside our website revamp, we’ll be starting to roll out some new changes to the Self-Publishing Advice Blog in the early part of 2015. It’s going to be bigger, brighter and easier to navigate. Expect more on that from Commissioning Editor Debbie Young, very soon.


AskALLi – our newest campaign to make sure your self-publishing questions get answered.

Answers to Your Self-Publishing Questions

In 2015, our aim is to become the place to get any of your publishing questions answered. Ask ALLi is our new umbrella campaign. From our regular Members Q&A’s with Joanna Penn and Orna Ross, to more articles and advice from this blog and in other publications, we have big plans to make sure we are always on hand.

More Indie Events

Our regular bi-monthly events, of course, but also be some really exciting meet-ups — both on- and off-line. Top of that list is a brand new look and feel to the fantastic IndieReCon festival, which allows authors from all over the world to access online talks and hangouts related to reaching readers and writing books. Stay tuned, as we’ll be announcing more details on this early next year, but as a hint, we’d recommend you keep yourself free, and your Internet lines open, on the 16th/17th April. (And those of you who are coming to London Book Fair, make sure you include those days in your itinerary).

It’s been a privilege to work on behalf of indie authors throughout 2014. Ours is one of the most dynamic, engaged and committed communities on the Internet.  You’ve challenged us,  delighted us and excited us and we look forward to continuing this exciting journey together into 2015 and beyond.


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