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7 Reasons Why You’ll Love ALLi’s New Website

7 Reasons Why You’ll Love ALLi’s New Website

sneekpeakwebsiteThe finish line is nearly in sight for our new website, launching later this month. Having taken on board feedback from our author and partner members, and handed ourselves over to a fantastic team of information architects, developers and designers, we’re getting really excited to unveil a new and vastly improved hub.

Here are seven great new features we hope will delight and excite you.

1: A Global Organisation

Key to the new website, and our aims going forward, is our intention to capitalise on ALLi’s truly global presence. We have members all over the world and are now organising them into eight key English-language territories – Africa, Australasia, Canada, Europe, India, South America, UK, US with ALLi Ambassadors in each.


2: A World of Connections: Authors

With easier and clearer search, and ALLi Ambassadors in each territory, you’ll be able to connect with more author members in your area. This will also help to facilitate the local offline ALLi Meetups that are springing up, in locations from London UK to Raleigh USA.


3: A World of Connections: Partners

Our expanded and clearer search facility will also make it easier to for authors to connect with those vetted self-publishing services that have been awarded ALLi Partner Membership. Together with our new Self-Publishing Service Directory (currently in Beta, here), we’ll also have expanded discounts and deals offers from our Partners, allowing you to assemble the perfect team for your book.


4: Selling Your Publishing Rights

Once an author starts selling books, their thoughts soon turn to licensing rights — and we’ve drawn in a number of services to help our members do just that, particularly the prime subsidiary rights of translation, TV and film. Watch for a special announcement on this, coming soon.


5: Targeted Information & Education

ALLi Insights Seminars, Member Forums and Q&A online hangouts will all have their own dedicated space on our new site. And we’ll be classifying and targeting information and resources at aspiring, emerging and experienced self-publishers.


6: Ethical Author

Our core mission has always been ethics and excellence. Our new website will allow our members, and all authors who care about such matters, to sign up for a code of author ethics and display a badge on their website that will tell book bloggers, reviewers and the world that their books have been ethically produced and marketed


7: Sell More Books

We’ll also be introducing more opportunities for our members to promote their books, on the website, at our live events and book fairs and through our weekly member showcase.


Whether it’s to help you spread the word about ALLi, share your experiences, road-test new ideas or get to grips with the nitty gritty of producing a book, we look forward to welcoming more aspiring, emerging and experienced authors to our alliance and guiding them in how to self-publish well.

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  1. If it’s a “global organisation,” maybe you should call it an “organization” — or “group.”

    We neighbors (!) who labor (!) on the left side of the Big Pond won wars back in 1776 and 1812. We should not have to speak the language of the failed colonists.

    However, I do like “chuffed.”

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