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1 Easy Way To Cut Production Costs On Self-published Books Without Compromising On Quality

1 Easy Way to Cut Production Costs on Self-published Books Without Compromising on Quality

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ALLi Author Membership – your passport to dozens of exclusive deals and discounts

Wondering how to cut the costs of your self-publishing projects? Here's one easy way used by thousands of indie authors all around the world:

they join the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi)

ALLi Author Members gain access to dozens of exclusive discounts and deals on a wide range of essential services for self-publishers. Read on to find out more about these offers and how to access them via ALLi membership.


As an indie author commissioning services from third parties to ensure your self-published book meets professional standards, you need best value for money with no diminution of quality.

Virtually no individual possesses all the necessary skills and experience to carry out all the elements of self-publishing without delegating some tasks to an expert – proofreading at the bare minimum, but preferably editing, cover design, and more.

Managing service costs is therefore on the critical path to  gaining the best return on your investment as an authorpreneur.

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All for one and one for all – that's ALLi! (Image via Wikipedia – public domain)

Building True Partnerships with Service Providers

While it's possible to source services for tiny prices via low-paid freelance sites, you are more likely to receive better services and build a closer relationship with your service providers if you pay a more realistic price and use only tried-and-tested service providers recommended by trusted friends. That's why we use the term Partner Members for ALLi's recommended suppliers – we're in this together, for teamwork, in true Three Musketeers, all-for-one and one-for-all style.

ALLi Partner Member logoAll the ALLi Partner Members are quality-controlled by our Watchdog service to offer you peace of mind, and new discounts and deals are being added all year round. Partner status will be removed if an offered service ever falls below our required high standard.

Wide Range of Discounted Services – New Ones Constantly Added

ALLi Partner Members offer discounts and deals across the full range of services that might be required by an indie author:

  • Writing, editing & proofreading – from manuscript appraisal to the final polish
  • Translation –  from English into other languages and proofreading existing translations
  • Book design – cover and interiors for print and ebooks
  • Formatting – for interiors of print books, ebooks and audiobooks
  • Book production – generous discounts from top quality book printers such as Ingram Spark and Clays for print-on-demand and special print services
  • Book marketing and promotion – discounts on PR consultancy, website design, book trailers, training and more
  • Events and training courses – discounted or free admission to various events and educational courses
  • General advice – consultations about your planned self-publishing project

How to Break Even on ALLi Membership Each and Every Year

If you publish even just one book a year, using a professional cover designer, editor and formatter, you're likely to save more than you spend on your ALLi annual membership.

If you publish more than one book a year, or use additional services, you're likely effectively to make a profit on your membership!

Plus 20 Other Benefits

These exclusive discounts and deals are just the tip of the iceberg of member benefits. You'll find a list of the all 21 reasons to join ALLi here, including our affiliate marketing scheme, enabling you to earn 30% of the first year's fee for any new member you introduce to the organisation. That means you if you recruit just four new members a year, you'll have more than covered your own annual membership cost.

  • If you're already an ALLi Author Member, make sure you visit the Discounts and Deals section regularly, and certainly before commissioning a new service.
  • If you're not already an ALLi Author Member, here's where you can find out more about joining, with no obligation, and a no-quibble refund if you decide after joining that ALLi is not right for you – that's how confident we are in the value that membership offers you.
  • If you're a service provider interested in offering discounted rates to our Author Members, you can find out more about how to apply for Partner Member status here.

OVER TO YOU What's been your biggest saving on ALLi membership? We'd love to know!

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