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A Good Book Is A Team Effort: Getting help with your Self-Publishing Journey: Jay Artale

An ongoing challenge for indie authors is choosing the best available self-publishing services, from the large distributors like Amazon KDP or Apple iBooks down to the right designer, editor and marketing approach for each title. ALLi offers assistance with this key decision through our Partner Member facility, Watchdog Desk, vetted services and regularly updated publication, Choosing A Self-Publishing Service. And we thank the sponsors of today's Fringe who have allowed us to keep it free to all authors
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How To Get Your Books Into Bookstores With Ingram Spark: Robin Cutler & Andy Bromley

Do you understand the difference between a wholesaler and a retailer? How much will you be charged by each of them, if your book is stocked by stores? What is iPage and why should you be in it? And how do you sell globally? Join Robin Cutler and Andy Bromley as they answer the most pressing questions asked members of the Alliance of Independent Authors about bookshop sales.
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The Life Cycle of a Novel: Get it Organized, Get it Done! : David Penny

David Penny takes us through the stages involved in writing and then publishing a novel, from initial concept, research, plotting method, drafting and editing, and then into design, production, distribution, marketing and promotion. You may write in a different genre or use different tools but David’s central focus is on how getting organized makes the process a whole lot easier.
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How Novelists Work With Editors: Rohan Quine & Dan Holloway

Though it may be hidden from public view, teamwork is important to almost any top-quality publication. And no team is more important than an author and their editor. In this session, author Rohan Quine and his editor Dan Holloway will take you through what that relationship is like from the inside. They will go through the various stages of the editing timeline one by one, from the initial late-night conversation in a Soho café about the finer points of “Blade Runner” to the final cut, offering an insight into their unique, humorous, and often surreal interplay and the book that it built, and demonstrating just what you should expect when you enter the editing process.
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How to use ebooks to build your non-fiction niche: Jay Artale

One of the best ways to establish subject matter expertise within your industry is to use your knowledge and passion for your specialist topic to write and publish ebooks. Whether you’re a fiction author who wants to write nonfiction, or a entrepreneur who wants to turn readers into potential clients, you can turn your passion for a subject into a successful foundation for your brand.
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Streetlib: An Alternative Solution for Book Distribution: Marco Croella & David Penny

While he was at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2016 reporting for ALLi's Indie Author Fringe, ALLi Technical Manager David Penny arranged to meet with Marco Croella of StreetLib so he could discuss his alternative service to distribution companies such as Smashwords and Draft2Digital. Due to unforseen circumstances (and David standing in the wrong place) he never did get to meet Marco in Frankfurt, but they conducted their interview a couple of days later.
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