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The Internet will Land me in Jail

authorwebsitesIrish writer,  story teller,  broadcaster, teacher, lecturer and workshop facilitator Catherine Brophy laments her dependence on technology in a tongue in cheek blog post, expressing the frustration we all feel at times.

Getting to grips with The Internet will land me in jail because if one more person advises me that the best way to learn how to use it is to “play around” I WILL bite a lump out of their leg.

If one more person tells me “it’s easy, just a couple of clicks” I will smash their face in.

And if one more person advises me to “write the best book I can,” “be myself”, and warns against posting nastys on Facebook or Twitter, I may just go postal and get out my chainsaw.

I am an adult. I know all this. What I do not know is the nitty-gritty of how the Internet stuff works.   What do I click?   Where do I find it?  I mean whereabouts on that page full of information, tiny writing, moving ads, sidebars, links and photos of kittens.

Yes, yes, I know that nobody can tell me everything about the Internet and that I will have to find out lots of stuff for myself.   But there are things that people could tell me, things that could help get me started.   Give me some confidence.   Lead me out of the pit of despair I fall into when, after hours on line, I’ve found nothing I wanted.   When I’ve surfed and surfed and surfed all for nothing and I just want to chuck it all in and read a nice book.

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