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AI And Creativity

Self-Publishing News: AI Research Reveals Impact on Creativity and New US Bill to Protect Copyright

AI has been quiet in the news of late. But this week, there is a suitably chunky round-up of stories related to a technology that is increasingly ubiquitous. There has been a lot of debate about whether generative AI is good or bad for creatives, and whether creatives should, and increasingly do, use generative AI in their practice. But there hasn’t been much discussion (as opposed to opining) about whether or not it actually makes you more creative. This is, of course, not surprising, as the technology is so new that there hasn’t been much time yet for accurate academic studies on the matter.
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Fair Trade AI

Self-Publishing News: New Organization Highlights AI Copyright-Friendly Practices but will Consumers Notice?

Values-driven marketing, and investment in companies that can demonstrate those values has increased greatly, led by a perception that this approach demonstrates a real understanding of a new breed of consumer, often associated with Gen Z. Fairly Trained is clearly aiming to position itself in this space with a new AI copyright-friendly stamp proposition.
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