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Indie Authors: How To Choose A Copyeditor

Sometimes an author needs a lot of hand holding …

How do you choose the right copyeditor for your book? And which kind of editor do you need anyway? ALLi member, indie author and ace copyeditor herself, CS Lakin, points the way.

Getting a personal recommendation of an editor from a trusted author friend is usually the best way to go. But even in those instances, you may find one author’s choice in an editor may not be your best choice.

Personality comes into play, and sometimes the fit just isn’t right. Sometimes an author needs a lot of communication and handholding, and some editors are all business, so see how the editor responds to your query and questions.

You should be able to tell by her personality and responsiveness to you if it feels like a good fit. An editor that doesn’t

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Guest Post: How Author Collectives Boost Self-Publishing

Triskele Books is a team of six, three of whom are publishing books this summer. We Indie Authors self-publishing as collective Triskele Booksall have day jobs and different skill sets but what we share is that  we’re all writers.

Together, we make one hell of a team.

The motivation behind the birth of Triskele came after a series of online conversations over a few months, culminating in a meeting in a posh London hotel to decide if this idea really had legs. We'd known each other online for about six years and although we lived in different countries, we were

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