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Influencer Marketing For Authors: Developing Book Pitches And Proposals

Influencer Marketing for Authors: Developing Book Pitches and Proposals

Why do you write? In the Becoming Pitch Perfect workshop at 5pm (UK time) on Friday 1st April, ALLi Director Orna Ross, will guide you through the process of answering this challenging question, so you can clearly communicate the value of your writing and publishing to influencers who can help you sell more books. Read on for details of how to register and what to expect.

Orna Ross

Orna Ross, Director of ALLi

As we've been exploring in recent creative business planning workshops, there are three kinds of book marketing for authors: ACCESS marketing, algorithm marketing and the type of marketing we're going to be exploring this month: influencer marketing.

The “Becoming Pitch Perfect” Workshop: Developing Pitches & Proposals

During this workshop you'll create a pitch deck, the foundation that enables you to reach out to influencers, including libraries, agents, rights buyers, bookshops, podcasts and other literary and publishing influencers.

The Becoming Pitch Perfect Workshop will enable you to develop a powerful answer to the question “What do you write?” and clearly communicate the value of your writing and publishing to yourself and others.

The pitch deck will empower you to speak confidently about your books and about yourself as an author. And enable everyone, especially readers in your niche, to understand what you do.

Click here to register for the “Becoming Pitch Perfect” workshop (places permitting)

Influencer Marketing for Authors: Developing A Pitch Deck

In the workshop, I'll bring you through a number of exercises that will enable you to write a great pitch for a book, or series of books.

  • P=Personal: name, genre, niche, micro-niche, personal story
  • I=Impact: your claim to fame
  • T=Touchpoint: What your readers want and need.
  • C=Connection: The effect your work has on your readers
  • H=Highlights: attention, interest and crowning moments

All of these together give you your pitch story.

This is the real challenge authors face in making an approach to influencers – and what makes us hesitate, procrastinate and resist. It’s not easy to understand and describe our motivation and effect as an author.

That’s what the workshop is designed to do. We work together to make this understanding and explanation easy and fun and use your creative writing skills.

You may leave with the material and guidance you need to create a pitch deck that may be perfect enough for immediate use, or that may need some refinement, using the principles learned in the workshop.

Once you've developed your pitches, we'll meet in small practice groups to enable you to try it out and receive feedback from me and other creative planning patrons—all indie authors, just like you.

Influencer Marketing for Authors: Practicing Your Pitch

Because of the nature of learning to pitch, April's workshop will therefore take a different format to usual.

  • PRESENTATION: The presentation will release at 5pm UK time on Friday 1st April, as a pre-record and downloadable PDF workbook. (That’s 9am PDT, Vancouver, 12 noon EDT New York, 6pm SAST Johannesburg, 9.30 pm IT, New Dehli.) Check this world clock to find your time.)
  • P.I.T.C.H: This presentation will explain why having a good pitch is so important and offer a step-by-step method that enables you to construct a pitch that gets results.
  • Pitches: It will bring you through the process of writing up a one-sentence, one-paragraph and one-page pitch.
  • Feedback and Finish: You will join a small group session to practice your pitch and receive feedback from me other workshoppers, on another Friday in April. Once registered, you'll receive a link with time slots to choose from (all at the same 5pm UK time, Fridays).

Influencer Marketing for Authors: Developing Book  Proposals

Once finished, you can adapt your pitch deck for a variety of purposes: book descriptions, pitch emails, book proposals, funding applications, blog posts, media releases, and many more. You can also give it to your team and assistants, so they understand the foundations of your work as well as you do.

As time goes on, you'll find it's easy to modify your pitch deck when you add more books, or make other changes to your author business—so you'll always remain “pitch perfect” in your communications with readers, and the influencers who can help you to reach them.

Click here to register for the “Becoming Pitch Perfect” workshop (places permitting)

Creative Planning Workshops with Orna Ross

The workshop is one of a monthly series and just one benefit among a suite of resources made available to my Creative Planning patrons on Patreon.

These workshops are not large webinars to thousands of attendees but small-group, guided events. Places are limited, you receive personal attention and feedback on your current project, and your publishing process, during the workshop–and through the month in Patreon.

Your payment covers access to replays of many previous workshops, as well as this one–and a variety of other resources, including

  • Facebook accountability group
  • Downloadable PDFs of intention maps, accomplishment logs, and other Go Creative! worksheets, tools, and planners
  • Replay videos so you can refer back any time
  • Mid-month motivator to your email inbox to keep you on track

You can find out more about the workshop series and the Patreon membership here

Register here

Author: Orna Ross

Orna Ross is a bestselling and award-winning author of historical fiction and inspirational poetry, and a creativity facilitator. As founder-director of the Alliance of Independent Authors, she has been named one of The Bookseller’s Top 100 people in publishing. 


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