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PODCAST: What’s The Best Way To Keep In Touch With My Readers?

PODCAST: What’s the best way to keep in touch with my readers?


Our #AskALLi Member Q&A is hosted by Michael La Ronn, author of science fiction and fantasy novels, as well as author self-help books, and ALLi Director, author and poet, Orna Ross. Our questions this month include: - Do editors charge different rates for non-native English speakers? - Do you think having a strong accent would hurt my marketing efforts if I'm on a podcast? - How much can you change in your book before it becomes a second edition? - Where can I find ALLi's Contest Database? - Should I take my book out of KDP Select after the first 90 days? Join us live to hear the answers to these and more! The #AskALLi Member Q&A podcast is sponsored by Kobo Writing Life, a global platform that offers authors unique ebook and audiobook publishing and promotional opportunities.

From 1PM UTC

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