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LIVE: How To Improve Your Publishing Business With Comp Authors And Titles

LIVE: How to Improve Your Publishing Business with Comp Authors and Titles


When many authors write their first book, they don’t consider where it will be shelved or categorised by retailers. Nor do they consider the financial consequences of its tone and packaging. As business-minded creators, however, we need to consider how our books compare to others in our genre so that we can make creative decisions to meet our commercial goals. In this month's #AskALLi Foundational Self-Publishing Livestream, Orna Ross and Dan Parsons discuss the importance of comparable authors – or comp authors – and how understanding them can focus your branding decisions to help you appeal to more readers. The #AskALLi Foundational Self-Publishing podcast is sponsored by Dartfrog Books, providing indie authors with bookstore placement and promotion opportunities to more than 27,000 book clubs.

From 7PM UTC until 8PM UTC

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