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PODCAST: One Book, Many Revenue Streams: How To Maximize Your Book’s Copyright

PODCAST: One Book, Many Revenue Streams: How to Maximize Your Book’s Copyright

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Member Q&A with Michael La Ronn in the co-presenter seat with me, Orna Ross, ALLi Director. Our questions this month include: - What rights do I have for a short story and what are all the different things I can do with it? - How long should the chapters in my book be? - A hybrid publisher wants to charge me 2000 GBP to publish my novel. Is that legit? - Which is better for paperback publishing? KDP Print, B&N, or IngramSpark? - What can I do to ensure my book doesn't get flagged by KDP for quality or copyright reasons? - Are there different rights/permissions/publication legalities for ebooks vs. paperbacks?

From 1PM GMT

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