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LIVE: One Book, Many Revenue Streams: How To Maximize Your Book’s Copyright

LIVE: One Book, Many Revenue Streams: How to Maximize Your Book’s Copyright


Member Q&A with Michael La Ronn in the co-presenter seat with me, Orna Ross, ALLi Director. Our questions this month include: - What rights do I have for a short story and what are all the different things I can do with it? - How long should the chapters in my book be? - A hybrid publisher wants to charge me 2000 GBP to publish my novel. Is that legit? - Which is better for paperback publishing? KDP Print, B&N, or IngramSpark? - What can I do to ensure my book doesn't get flagged by KDP for quality or copyright reasons? - Are there different rights/permissions/publication legalities for ebooks vs. paperbacks? The live session runs at 1am on Friday morning if you're in Wellington, New Zealand; 4am on Thursday if you're in Vancouver, Canada, and all times in between. I'm in London so it will be midday Thursday for me. (Find your time on the world clock: Timeanddate.com/worldclock/)

From 12PM GMT until 1PM GMT

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