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Indie Author Fringe Event (London Book Fair)


Indie Author Fringe: London Book Fair

At Online Conference



Indie Author Fringe (formerly known as IndieReCon) offers FREE ONLINE DAY CONFERENCES for authors interested in self-publishing.

We offer the best self-publishing advice and education for indie authors across the world — using the global reach of the ALLi network.

Indie Author Fringe grew out of IndieReCon, where the goal was to make great indie publishing "a mission possible” for any writer, across the world. That continues.

And we are still (and always will be) run by authors for authors, so it’s all free!

We have planned three online international events in 2016 on the heels of London Book Fair (April 12th-14th 2016)Book Expo America (May 11th-13th 2016) and Frankfurt Book Fair (19th-23rd October 2016).

Over the course of the year, our online Indie Author Fringe events will take authors through the entire indie author journey, from writing to promotion and beyond.

Each event will offer 24 hours of non-stop advice and inspiration, organized around the self-publishing topics below.

And all will be available here on this website afterwards so we can read, watch, listen and learn whenever we want.


Sign up to receive event updates: http://forms.aweber.com/form/75/1644600575.htm


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  3. I am assuming that your London conference starting at 10am is GMT because other times on the website say ‘GMT’. If it is otherwise please not that for us cousins. thnx

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