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ALLi Insights: How Authors Sell Rights with Toby Mundy


ALLi Insights: How Authors Sell Rights

From 8pm GMT until 9pm GMT

At Google Hangout Live

FREE to attend

Alliance of Independent Authors

The writer’s path to publication has grown more complex, as new choices emerge. What once was a one-track pathway to print in now a maze of formats, platforms, apps, films, broadcast, foreign, translation, audio and more. 

Each of these markets offers different opportunities and operates by different rules. How are writers to find their way without a team of experts and lawyers?

The Alliance of Independent Authors is releasing How Authors Sell Rights to help authors navigate today’s complex rights marketplace. A compilation of advice from publishing and legal experts, How Authors Sell Rights shows writers the best ways to reach decision-makers in various industries, what these rights-buyers are looking for, and what to expect in negotiating a license or sale of rights. 

Covering both business and legal aspects, and focussing particularly on audiobooks, TV & film and translation, How Authors Sell Rights shows how the rights landscape for authors is transforming and yielding unprecedented opportunities.

And you can always catchup later on ALLi's YouTube Channel: 

Or via our Self-Publishing Advice Centre www.selfpublishingadvice.org 

Event starts at 8pm BST/London

Global Times: November 24th 2015 at 12noon PST (Vancouver) / 3pm EST  (New York City / 6pm BRST (Sao Paolo) / 8pm GMT (London) / 10pm SAST (Johannesburg) /and November 25th at 1.30am IST (Dehli) and 7am AEDT (Sydney)

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