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Creative Planning: Quarterly Review & Forecast for Authors & Poets

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Success in self-publishing doesn’t happen by accident. Whatever genre you write in—whether fiction, nonfiction or poetry—both writing and publishing are complex and challenging tasks. An integrated program and a plan of action makes everything easier.

In her book, Creative Self-Publishing, novelist and poet Orna Ross draws on years of experience, both as a working indie author and director of the Alliance of Independent Authors, to provide a tried-and-tested self-publishing program for writers.

An accompanying series of planners to guide authors and poets through this program, step by step.

It also offers a process that will allow you to enjoy the work, not just on the days you publish a book, but every day of every working week.

These planners are supported by an online creative community and weekly accountability group.

The Go Creative! Planner Series:

  • Plan and achieve your creative and commercial goals following a program that has helped thousands of indie authors
  • Optimise your time management and finances with tried-and-tested success tools, including monthly overviews, habit trackers, work-life balance logs, content plans, and simple money systems
  • Overcome creative blocks with mind maps, charts for creative rest and play, and f-r-e-e-writing exercises
  • Prioritise your intentions and goals and make better decisions about how to spend your time and money
  • Replace overwhelm and procrastination with clarity and simplicity
  • Set more effective success measures to aid your happiness and avoid comparisonitis
  • Spend more time enjoying your work and less time wondering and worrying

The Quarterly Planner

  • Sets creative intentions and realistic goals that you can achieve within three months
  • Review and pre-planning process
  • Evaluation of strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Process and profit maps and logs for your creative manager
  • Products and projects maps and logs for your creative maker
  • Pitching and publications maps and logs for your creative marketeer
  • Monthly work and profit planners
  • Weekly Intentions and accomplishments planner

This quarterly planner is suitable for teachers, first time indie authors, and established author-publishers.

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