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Creative Planning Workbook for Authors and Poets

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Unlock your literary potential with the Go Creative! Workbook for Authors & Poets. This innovative guide by Orna Ross is specifically designed for authors and poets seeking to elevate their creative practice and is crafted to fuel your creative journey and streamline your publishing process. 

Writing and publishing are two big creative challenges. It doesn’t help that most business planning structures are rigid and mechanical, a misfit for most creatives. 

This workbook brings together strategic planning with a deep knowledge of the vagaries of a creative writing and publishing business. It offers:

  • Creative planning principles and practices
  • A process that moves you from desire to done, through visioning, drafting and revisioning. 
  • A way to integrate your mission, passion into a sense of creative purpose that fuels your creative intentions
  • A “three hat” (maker, manager, and marketeer) system to integrate your whole business: writing and publishing, passion and profits, influence and impact
  • An emphasis on the importance of creative rest and play as well as work to fuel the flow
  • A personal vision of success that builds on four key measures: productivity, platform, profits, and personal satisfaction 

Packed with inspiring exercises, thought-provoking prompts, and practical strategies, this workbook is your key to exploring new depths in your creative work. Allow it to guide you through the nuances of crafting compelling books, enabling you to write, publish, and thrive.


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