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Introducing our Watchdog

John Doppler
Servies Watchdog

Partner membership

We reserve our highest rating for ALLi Partner Members, services that sign up to ALLi’s Code of Standards for Partners and to undergo a vetting process.

The vetting process assesses a range of criteria, including customer service and value for money and relies on feedback from ALLi Advisors and the wider author community as well as our own assessment and evaluation process.

Partner members are highlighted in green below, with a link to take you to their websites.

We also present more details about partners to our author members and the wider indie author community, through our searchable member database (log in needed) and Self-Publishing Services Directory.

Considerations include:

Do business practices comply with the ALLi Code of Standards?

Does the service have connections to businesses that fail to comply or have previously been denied Partner Membership?

Are rates appropriate to service level, reach and reputation?

Are there positive testimonials from credible author clients?

Is the business presentation contemporary, professional and reflective of the service being offered. (Editors – is your copy scrupulously edited? Designers – does your website look good and work well?)


Email us

We want to hear from you about services and awards. If you have feedback, please contact the Watchdog Desk to inform us about a service, or discuss a rating. All communications are strictly confidential.

Contact ALLi Watchdog

Contest awards

A similar outreach service on our Self-Publishing Advice Center rates writing awards and prizes that target indie authors.

Awards Ratings


We produce a quarterly updated list of Partner Services under the headings of Writing, Editorial, Design, Production, Distribution, Marketing and promotion, Rights Licensing and Author Business.

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Member database

We connect our author members with the best services through the Partner Search facility in our Members Zone (member-only, log-in needed).

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