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The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) Partner Directory is a vetted and approved list of service providers, experts, and tools for indie authors. This directory is a resource provided by ALLi, a global non-profit dedicated to supporting self-publishing authors through advocacy, advice, and assistance.

Key Features of the ALLi Partner Directory:

Vetted and Approved Partner Members: The directory includes a range of vetted service providers who specialize in various aspects of self-publishing. These partners apply for admission, agree to be bound by ALLi's Code of Standards and are chosen based on their reputation, quality of service, and alignment with ALLi’s values.

Wide Range of Services: The partners listed offer a variety of services crucial for self-publishing authors. This can include editing, cover design, formatting, marketing, distribution, legal advice, and more. The aim is to cover all the bases an indie author might need throughout the publishing process.

Trusted Recommendations: The directory serves as a trusted source of recommendations, reducing the time and effort authors might otherwise spend researching and vetting service providers on their own.

Exclusive Offers and Discounts: Partners listed in the directory provide special offers, discounts, or added value services exclusively for ALLi author members, making it a valuable cost-saving tool.

Updated Regularly: The directory is maintained and updated quarterly, ensuring that the information is current and that the partners continue to meet the standards expected by ALLi.

Accessible to Members: Full access to the directory and its benefits is typically a feature available exclusively to ALLi members. Non-members can purchase a copy here

Guidance and Support: The directory is part of ALLi’s broader mission to support authors by not only providing a list of services but also offering guidance on best practices in self-publishing, thereby helping authors make informed decisions. The Directory also features relevant articles from ALLi’s Self-Publishing Advice Center, offering authors advice on how to assemble the perfect team of professionals to create great books and author businesses.

All in all, the ALLi Partner Directory is a valuable tool, offering a streamlined way for independent authors to find the reliable, high-quality services and support they need.


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