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In the third and final part of our series about the three hats a creative entrepreneur must wear, today we're looking at the Creative Promoter, what we call the Maximizer. For creative entrepreneurs are Maximizers as well as Makers.

What do I mean by maximizing? It's what we think of when we think of entrepreneurs. The activities that are necessary to grow the business, to position you as a key person of influence, to ensure you're having the impact you want to have.

Creative Entrepreneurs are Maximizers

You put on your Maximizer Hat for the work and play you need to do grow your business: your creative pitches, publications, and partnerships.

So how do you think and act when in Maximizer mode?

  • Maximizer Work: Wearing this hat, the work is to win customers’ attention and money and turn ideas into products and projects, and products and projects into impact and influence as fast as possible.
  • Maximizer Wants: To grow and scale the business as much as possible. The Entrepreneur craves influence and impact, to be seen.
  • Maximizer Perspective is focused outwards. Wearing this hat, we see the business as a system for turning ideas into ever expanding value. Our sights are on partnerships and projects that enable us to grow. Perhaps even, at a more advanced level, looking at how we might disrupt our field.
  • Maximizer abcdeFs: 
    • attitude: How can we expand: get more customers and be more productive?
    • belief: Business can't be confined by things as they are, we must take risks to grow.
    • concept: Finding and keeping happy customers is how we make money and meaning, for us and for others.
    • denial: Maximizer tends to overlook limitations and make brash claims
    • expectation: Growth is good
    • Fear: Won't be successful.
    • guilt: Shouldn't be greedy
  • Maximizer Time: The Maximizer starts with a picture of a desirable future, and then comes back to the present to make changes that will measure up to the vision.
  • Maximizer Sucess: For the Maximizer, money is about growth. More money means more opportunities.
  • Maximizer Needs to Beware: 
    • Trying to do too much.
    • Prioritizing other people's opinions.

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