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The creative entrepreneur must wear three different hats: Maker, Manager and Maximizer. Today, we're looking at the maker's hat: how the maker thinks about craft and production and the overall business. First and foremost, creative entrepreneurs are makers.

Creative Entrepreneurs are Makers

The first role of the creator is to make stuff: production of goods and services, products and projects.

You put on your Maker Hat for the work and play you need to do in your business: your creative projects, products and services. 

  • Maker Work:  The maker sees the work of the creative business as crafting more and better offerings to sell. Wearing this hat, we have a list of tasks we need to do in order to produce.
  • Maker Wants: More than anything, the Maker craves creativity itself. And the solitude and space to create.
  • Maker Perspective: is focussed inwards.
  • Maker abcdeFgs
    • attitude: I’d love to work on this product/do that campaign/offer such a service
    • belief:  If we build it, they will come.
    • concept: Finding and keeping happy customers is a matter of producing great stuff
    • denial: Money's not that important
    • expectation: It will be all right on the night
    • Fear: I'm not good enough. I'll never get to do what I want to do.
    • guilt: I'm neglecting important stuff
  • Maker View of Time: The future will be taken care of by what I make today.
  • Maker Definition of Success: I just want to keep doing what I do
  • Beliefs About Success: Making great stuff is the key to success.
  • Maker Needs To Beware:
    • Getting caught in the “I'm creative, not commercial” duality.
    • Blaming others, or wrong conditions, for lack of creativity or production.
    • Thinking products sell themselves
    • Forgetting about money until the need becomes critical.

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