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07Nov 19
How To Promote Books And Have Fun On The Radio

How to Promote Books and Have Fun on the Radio

If you're going to be an author, then eventually, you'll have to talk about your books. Although it's daunting, ALLi author member Elizabeth Ducie is here to show you how to promote books and still have fun on the radio.
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04Nov 19
Indie Authors And Creative Self-Publishing

Indie Authors and Creative Self-Publishing

FOMO, aka fear of missing out, has been around for a long time. But it feels like it's becoming more acute the more connected our world becomes. Technology and social media have eradicated barriers to communicating. We're all up in each other's business, knowing exactly what everyone is doing, what advertising they're using and how much profit it's making. But you have to wonder whether that's as poisonous as it is helpful. In this inspirational post, ALLi Director Orna Ross takes a moment to stop and reflect and remind each of us that the only way to win in this industry is to follow a creative self-publishing approach: to be uniquely-you.
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02Nov 19
How Indie Authors Can Approach The Media

How Indie Authors Can Approach the Media

You don’t have to be a celebrity author to get newspapers and magazines to pay attention to your book. ALLi author member and freelance journalist, Ruth Badley, explains how a focused approach can help indie authors secure media coverage and other promotional opportunities.
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31Oct 19
Creative Control The Power Of Self-Publishing

Creative Control the Power of Self-Publishing

In an encore presentation of the cover feature from the Q2 2019 Edition of The Indie Author member magazine, award-winning author and ALLi member Jane Davis shares with us the main reason she is proud to self-publish: creative control.
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28Oct 19
How To Collaborate Across Genres

How to Collaborate Across Genres

Co-authoring is a popular tactic for indie authors to widen their network, team up and produce books faster. But typically, co-authors come from similar genres. So what happens when your co-author is from a completely different genre? How do you work through your differences to produce a completed novel? Russell Phillips and Andrew Knighton teamed up and are here to show you how to collaborate across genres.
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