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17May 19
#SELFPUBCON Fall 2019 Conference Launch

#SELFPUBCON Fall 2019 Conference Launch

It's that time of year again. #SelfPubCon is launching the Fall 2019 Self-Publishing Advice Conference. Behind the scenes we've been preparing the conference and this year's theme, "sell more books". Here's what you need to know.
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16May 19
How To Pitch Your Nonfiction Book For Film Or TV

How to Pitch Your Nonfiction Book for Film or TV

Dream of selling rights for a cinema or TV documentary? If you have a strong idea, perhaps even a completed and published book, that dream could well become reality. You could pitch your nonfiction book for film or TV – but you need to know a few essentials first.
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15May 19
The Secret Diary Of A Recovering Plotter

The Secret Diary of a Recovering Plotter

There are a handful of fundamental debates that cycle through the writing community: indie vs trad, wide vs exclusive and plotter vs pantser. Some of these debates have obvious answers, others less so. Where writers may flip between indie and trad or wide and exclusive depending on where their business model sits, there's  less movement in our methods of creating the stories themselves. Writers tend to fall somewhere on the spectrum of plotter or pantser and sit there. But ALLi blog manager Sacha Black tells a different story.
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13May 19
How Self-Publishing Helps Us Heal

How Self-Publishing Helps Us Heal

Writing helps many of us to heal. It's a catharsis, a way of channeling out the pain we're feeling. That's never truer than for Kim Mcleod who loss a child, one of the most devasting tragedies a person can go through. Kim's here to talk about how writing helps healing.
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08May 19

7 Facebook Advertising Basics for Booksales

Facebook ads can be daunting, but if you get them right, they can also sky rocket your book sales. Katherine Smith discusses seven Facebook advertising basics you can implement when using the platform to grow your readership.
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