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17Jul 19
New Royalty Share System For Co-Authors From Publish Drive

New Royalty Share System for Co-Authors from Publish Drive

Co-writing has always been around. But in recent years, with the rise of faster publishing it's become more popular. One of the drawbacks of co-authoring as Indies is the lack of technology to help with royalty sharing and royalty payments. Until now. Publish Drive have launched a new royalty split system for co-authors which makes sharing royalties simple and pain-free.
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13Jul 19
Encore Month: #IndieAuthors Broaden Your Business

Encore Month: #IndieAuthors Broaden Your Business

In today's encore post, Authorpreneur Karen Myers explains why indie authors need to keep learning and expanding their indie author business activity in order to remain vibrant, profitable and dynamic in an increasingly diverse publishing marketplace. She draws on examples of opportunities she has seized upon to grow her expertise, her reach and her reputation, while continuing to write and publish her own series of fantasy and sci-fi novels.
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12Jul 19
Encore Month: Simple Tips For Formatting Your Book Blurb

Encore Month: Simple Tips for Formatting Your Book Blurb

If you've ever pulled out your hair trying to figure out how to add spaces between paragraphs, or to bold or italicize your font when formatting book blurb on your Amazon KDP dashboard, you'll appreciate these HTML (hypertext markup language) tips from Rob Johnson.
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11Jul 19
Encore Month: Bookshop Distribution

Encore Month: Bookshop distribution

Like to get your books into bricks-and-mortar bookstores? It'll help if you understand the bookseller's objectives and viewpoint - and this extract from ALLi's guidebook about bookstores will quickly put you in the picture.
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08Jul 19
Encore Opinion: Be A Tolerant #IndieAuthor

Encore Opinion: Be a Tolerant #IndieAuthor

It's vital that we support each other if we want to continue to grow the indie community. In today's encore post, Barb Drozdowich says indie authors need to be more tolerant of each others' strengths and weaknesses, especially with regard to technical skills. From the perspective of a technical trainer, she explains how it's too easy for those with strong IT skills to inadvertently bully, belittle and upset those who struggle, and reminds us of the need to be more sensitive, especially when responding to comments on social media. 
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