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31May 19
How To Create A DIY Nonfiction Index Part Two

How to Create a DIY Nonfiction Index Part Two

ALLi author member Denise Gaskins is back with the second blog of a two-part series explaining how to create a DIY nonfiction index. Readers come to nonfiction books looking for information, and making that search for info as easy as possible includes creating an index.
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30May 19
Pitch And Present At The #SelfPubCon – Call For Speakers

Pitch and Present at the #SelfPubCon – Call for Speakers

Call for speakers! Planning for the Fall 2019 Self-Publishing Advice Conference, a.k.a. #SelfPubCon, is well underway. Our call for speakers and presenters is live and we're ready for your submission. But be quick, just two weeks left before the #selfpubcon submission window closes. If you missed our recent post, we announced the launch of the Fall 2019 Self-Publishing Advice Conference #SelfPubCon. This year the theme is Sell More Books. Behind the scenes we’ve been preparing the conference and now you have a chance to be a part of it too. We're looking for conference speakers. Read on to find out more.
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29May 19
How To Reach Global Audiences For Book Distribution

How to Reach Global Audiences For Book Distribution

One of the beauties of being an indie author is our ability to reach global audiences. As an indie, even if you write in a niche area, marketing is in your control. All you need to do is think globally. Author member Alison Clifford discusses global reach and whether there's more to it than just distribution.
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27May 19
Author Scams: How To Spot And Avoid Them

Author Scams: How to Spot and Avoid Them

It's an unfortunate part of every industry, not just writing, but scams are becoming more and more frequent. ALLi author member Stephen Bentley shows us how to spot and avoid author scams.
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26May 19
Inspirational Indie Authors: Maggie Lynch On Women In Science Fiction

Inspirational Indie Authors: Maggie Lynch on Women in Science Fiction

The latest inspirational indie author interview is with Maggie Lynch who writes science fiction for and about women. Like many awkward, nerdy boys, I grew up reading a lot of science fiction. This was in the 1970s, so I read all the classic. And for the most part, they were very male-centric. Space, it seemed, was a very male-dominated place. That bleak future for women is changing now, although not without some backlash.
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24May 19
How To DIY A Nonfiction Index (Part One)

How to DIY a Nonfiction Index (Part One)

We spend months or even years thinking about the content of our book. But how much time do we spend thinking about the front and back matter? I'm betting barely more than a few minutes. But perhaps you should. Indexes can be extremely useful for your readers. Denise Gaskin is here to explain how to DIY yourself a nonfiction index.
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23May 19
How To Get An Author Photo Readers Will Love

How to Get an Author Photo Readers Will Love

Many indie authors struggle with how to handle their author photo. They’re shy, or modest, or frugal, and don’t want to hire a professional photographer “just” for their author photo. Here’s why Boni Wagner-Stafford, ALLi's communications manager and co-founder of ALLi Partner Member Ingenium Books, believes you should.
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22May 19
Is It Characterisation Or Cultural Stereotyping?

Is it Characterisation or Cultural Stereotyping?

As authors, it's important that we're free to write the things we feel most strongly about. Whether that's the travel and cultures we've experienced or the made-up fantasy worlds of our imaginations. But we also need to be sensitive to the nuanced differences between our own culture and the ones we write about. Virginia King discusses the boundary between characterisation and cultural stereotype.
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20May 19
What’s Happened In Ten Years Of Nonfiction Publishing?

What’s Happened in Ten Years of Nonfiction Publishing?

There's one thing we can all be assured of in our industry, and that's that there will always be changes. Whether it's to platforms, algorithms or technology change shows no signs of slowing down. ALLI Partner Member Karen Williams from The Book Mentor is here today to talk about the changes she's seen in the nonfiction industry over the last decade.
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