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Nuance sponsor for Indie Author Fringe

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Nuance would like to understand the “need” of authors and their motivations for using the software. Is it purely to be more productive? Or do you also suffer from accessibility challenges (such as RSI, dyslexia etc) as well?

They would like to be able to paint a picture of authors so that other writers reading your testimonial can identify with the challenges writers face. Here's some writing prompts that will help you craft your testimonial.

  • Can you quantify exactly how Dragon helps you in terms of time/money/mental sanity saved to do other work? e.g. I'm able to produce more words per day than before, and it saves me X amount of time or money.
  • Has Dragon made the experience of being a writer more fun or easier?
  • How does Dragon aid the process of getting a creative thought from your mind and captured onto the screen, with no filters like a keyboard in the way?
  • Has Dragon helped when you're close to a deadline by boosting the speed at which you can finish your writing?
  • Has Dragon boosted your productivity? Are you capable of writing more during the course of a day than they are when using a keyboard and mouse?
  • Has using Dragon affected your writing style?
  • Would you say that your dictated ‘writing’ is more natural in style than your typed work?
  • Would you recommend Dragon to other creative writers?

If you'd like to read an author testimonial, you can read Dee Blick's example here:


If you have any questions, or would like to submit your author testimonial, please email [email protected].

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