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PODCAST: How to Promote Fiction and Nonfiction with Content Marketing


Are you using content marketing to promote your fiction and nonfiction books? If not, why not? In this week’s #AskALLi session, ALLi director Orna Ross and blog and conference manager Sacha Black talk about how content marketing is a necessary skill all authors must develop. They drill down into how content marketing differs for fiction and nonfiction. And they introduce the new “#AskALLi Ultimate Guide” blog series and the #AskALLi Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing for Fiction You'll learn: - What content marketing is - How to use it effectively for both your fiction an nonfiction books - What ""content themes"" are and how to use them to create your content marketing strategy and plans If you want to use content marketing to increase your book sales and grow your impact and influence, this salon's for you. Our Fiction & Non-Fiction Salon is brought to you by Izzard Ink Publishing: where Self-Publishing is no longer publishing by yourself.

From 1pm GMT

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