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LIVE: Removing Your Books For Sale, Where To Sell Your Books, ISBN Basics, And More

LIVE: Removing Your Books for Sale, Where to Sell Your Books, ISBN Basics, and More


In this month's AskALLi Member Q&A with Michael La Ronn and Sacha Black, questions answered include: - How do I remove my book for sale? - Do I need an ISBN for ebooks? - Where do indies sell their books these days? - What happens if I have a problem I can't resolve with Amazon? - How do I get reviews if I have no audience? Still have unanswered questions? Get answers to the most commonly asked self-publishing questions (+ lots more) in our 150 Self-Publishing Questions Answered Guidebook. The #AskALLi Member Q&A podcast is sponsored by Kobo Writing Life, a global platform that offers authors unique ebook and audiobook publishing and promotional opportunities.

From 1PM BST until 2PM BST

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  1. To remove your book for sale, you can take the following steps:

    Book Review: Get an overview of your book, including book status, year of publication, language, and author. This will help you determine the book’s value and ability to sell.

    Market Research: Learn about the market your book sells for. See if people are searching for your book, and how similar books are being sold for.

    Choose a book selling platform: Choose an online platform or bookstore to connect with potential customers. There are many options like Amazon, eBay, or sites that specialize in second-hand books. Make sure you read and understand the policies, regulations, and fees associated with selling books on the platform of your choice.

    Prepare books for sale: Check your books to make sure they are in good condition and clean. If there are any damages, make a note of them so you can accurately describe the condition in your sales information.

    Take a photo and write a description: Take a photo of your product and write a detailed description of your book. The description should include the title, author, status, and any other guest information.

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