LBF 2016 Indie Author Fringe Archive

Indie Author Fringe London Book Fair

Our LBF Indie Author Fringe event was held on Friday April 15th, 2016.

We hosted 24-hours of indie author advice and self-publishing expertise, as well as an Opening Line Competition and Sponsor Discounts and Session Giveaways.

Below is a complete view of the speakers and their sessions for this Indie Author Fringe event, so take a look and see if there are any sessions you missed on the day.

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Indie Author Fringe Online Conference

Spread the Word About Indie Author Fringe

Our Free Online Conference for Authors Our first Indie Author Fringe event is just around the corner - 10am (London Time) ...
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Welcome to 24 hours of Indie Author Fringe

Welcome to the Indie Author Fringe Conference LBF 2016

Jay Artale Orna Ross David Penny All day today, the Indie Author Fringe Conference LBF 2016 is taking over the ...
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The Future of Publishing: 7 things an Author MUST Know: Jane Friedman

Indie Author Fringe: Publishing professor Jane Friedman knows the changes that are coming down the publishing track, and in this ...
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Money Upfront: How Authors Crowdfund their Books: Ben Galley

Indie Author Fringe: This live hangout with self-publishing expert and successful crowdfunder Ben Galley will tell you all you need ...
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Designing Book Covers that sell – the 7 Must-Haves: Derek Murphy

Indie Author Fringe: Derek Murphy shows us the 7 Must-Haves for designing books covers that sell and what works for ...
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Leila Dewji

Aspiring Authors: Are you Ready to Self-Publish? Leila Dewji, Britt Pflüger and Ali Dewji

Indie Author Fringe: There is so much to consider before you publish. Clue yourself up about the self-publishing process and ...
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Orna Ross Headshot Black and White

Sell More Books in More Formats in More Territories: Orna Ross, Mark Dawson, Joanna Penn, Toby Mundy

Want to boost your Sales? Who doesn’t. In this panel session recorded live in the author HQ at London Book ...
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Editing Panel for Indie Author Fringe

What can an Editor do for Me? Roz Morris, Laxmi Hariharan, Ricardo Fayet, Andrew Lowe

Indie Author Fringe: What can an Editor do for Me? Roz Morris, Laxmi Hariharan, Ricardo Fayet, Andrew Lowe discuss what ...
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Kathy Meis Indie Author Fringe Speaker

Authors: Metadata is your Brand – get yours in shape: Kathy Meis

Indie Author Fringe: Today, word-of-mouth involves computers. In this video, Kathy Meis from Bublish, talks about why metadata is more ...
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Joanna Penn Author Profile

How Authors use Audio to Market and Sell Books: Joanna Penn

Indie Author Fringe: In this podcast, Joanna Penn explains why now is the best time to get into audio and ...
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Nick Stephenson Joel Friedlander

The Authors’ Best Friend: Ignite Your Email List: Joel Friedlander and Nick Stephenson

Indie Author Fringe: In head-to-head discussion between Joel Friedlander and Nick Stephenson you’ll learn how to build a practical strategy ...
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david gaughran indie author fringe speaker

Authors, Don’t Waste your Money: Book Fair Bewares: David Gaughran

Indie Author Fringe: David Gaughran is not impressed with some Book Fair practices, especially offers to display self-published books at ...
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The Better way to write a book: Plotter or Pantser: Debbie Young, Rosalind Minett, Keith Dixon and David Penny

Indie Author Fringe: What's the difference between plotting and pantsing, and does either approach produce better books? Watch this debate ...
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Helena Halme

How to turn your life into Fiction (and stay Sane): Helena Halme

Indie Author Fringe: Would your life make a good story? Helena Halme offers excellent advice on how to turn fact ...
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Damon Freeman founder of Damonza

Don’t Judge a Book: My Cover Design Lessons So Far: Damon Freeman

Indie Author Fringe: Damon Freeman of Damonza provides valuable insight into cover design lessons he has learned over many years ...
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Dan Holloway Indie Author Fringe Speaker

Poetry Performance: How to Write a Bestseller: Dan Holloway

Indie Author Fringe: Dan Holloway, 2016 UK National Poetry Slam Finalist, gives a mesmerising 2 minute performance on How to ...
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Laurence Obrien and Ian Sutherland

Twitter: Could Indie Publishing Exist Without It? Laurence O’Bryan and Ian Sutherland

Indie Author Fringe: Join two of Twitter's masters, Laurence O'Bryan and Ian Sutherland, in this entertaining video discussion about how ...
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Leverage Your Content: How to Blog a Book or Book a Blog: Nina Amir

Indie Author Fringe. In this video, Nina Amir shows us how to leverage your content by turning your blog posts ...
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Mark Coker Indie Author Fringe

10 Trends Driving the Future of Publishing: Mark Coker

If anyone can predict the future it’s CEO of Smashwords Mark Coker. In this video recording his goal is to ...
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Are Print books more trouble than they’re worth? : Robin Cutler & Andy Bromley

IngramSpark is over the moon to be involved and supporting the 2016 Indie Author Fringe events. Orna Ross chats with ...
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Diego Marano Speaker at Indie Author Fringe

It takes a village. Getting a glimpse of Author Collectives: Diego Marano

Indie Author Fringe: Diego Marano of Kobo Writing Life talks about the benefit for authors of joining forces to maximise ...
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indie author Bob Mayer

Authors Publishing Authors: Bob Mayer & Jen Talty

Indie Author Fringe: Bob Mayer shares his experience of using the skills he acquired from self-publishing his own back-catalogue, to ...
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Katie Webb Indie Author Fringe Speaker

Reaching all our Readers: Making books that Everyone can read: Katie Webb & Maribel Steel

Indie Author Fringe. Katie Webb and Maribel Steel share how to open up your books to readers who can’t access ...
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Yen Ooi Indie Author Fringe Speaker

Five Steps To Writing Diversity Right: Yen Ooi

Indie Author Fringe. Yen Ooi explores how to confidently write in color, without compromising either our writing style or the ...
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Toby Mundy Author Agent Rights Representation

Why Indie Authors need Literary Agents too: Toby Mundy

Indie Author Fringe. Toby explains that it's not only big name, traditionally published authors who need a literary agent ...
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How to switch Genre without Breaking your Brand: Mohana Rajakumar

Indie Author Fringe: In this podcast, Mohana Rajakumar talks about how she managed to switch her writing between genres while ...
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The bliss (and the planning) of being a Writer in Residence: Melissa Addey

Indie Author Fringe: Melissa Addey is a Writer in Residence at the British Library. Here's how she got the gig ...
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Jane Dixon Smith Indie Author Fringe 2016

5 Top Tips to Create a Book Cover that Sells : JD Smith

Indie Author Fringe: Jane Dixon-Smith, is always being asked about what makes the perfect cover. Here she talks about what ...
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ALi Cross Indie ReCon Founder

Spotting Trends in Children’s Publishing 2016: Ali Cross

Indie Author Fringe: Ali Cross is an experienced author writing for the Young Adult audience, and discusses the current state ...
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S R Johannes IndieReCon Founder

My Partner in Crime – How My Agent helps me Succeed as a Hybrid Author: SR Johannes

Indie Author Fringe: YA author SRJohannes share her experience, and the benefits, of a hybrid-author working with an Agent ...
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Jay Artale Bio Pic

Back to Basics: Priorities for new Authors: Jay Artale

Indie Author Fringe: New authors will learn how to identify their priorities and focus on getting their book to market ...
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ALLi Pen Logo for Indie Author Fringe IAF

Wrapping up London Book Fair Indie Author Fringe: Orna Ross

Orna Ross, Director of the Alliance of Independent Authors, wraps up our first Indie Author event of 2016 and announces ...
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ALLi Pen Logo for Indie Author Fringe IAF

Indie Author Fringe Giveaway Winners & Sponsor Discounts

Now that the dust has settled after a frenzied 24-hours of LBF Indie Author Fringe sessions, find out who won ...
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Symbol Indie Author Fringe Circle

5 Reasons to Attend Indie Author Fringe

Are you ready for Indie Author Fringe on Saturday 22nd October? 24 sessions over 24 hour of the best indie ...
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ALLi Pen Logo for Indie Author Fringe IAF

Jane Friedman shares 7 Things An Author Should Do

In this insightful podcast, Jane Friedman takes us through seven critical elements that are foundational for any author who is ...
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