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My Thanks Again

Your ALLi Member Kickstarter BonusesFirstly, may I thank you for your support of the Go Creative! planning method for authors and poets. Here are the details of your bonuses and how to claim them.

  • Explainer Video: Planning for Profit: Quarterly Review and Forecast: Quarterly planning is the core of the Go Creative! method and this explainer video explains the power of quarterly planning and gives a succinct explanation of what to do and how to do it.

Next Steps

1) If you haven't yet backed, go to the project page and choose your preferred tier. Then send a screenshot to info [at] ornaross.com and Kayleigh will send your bonuses in December along with your other rewards.

2) If you've already backed, again, and you'd like to upgrade your pledge to the “Kickstart With Me” reward, here's how:

  • Visit the project page
  • Go to the Project Page
  • Click the “Manage your pledge” button.
  • On the following page, select “Change your pledge”. You should now see the reward you already chose highlighted by Kickstarter.
  • Click the green button on your reward that says “pledge”  Now you should be able to edit your pledge (text link) and see all the optional add-ons listed
  • Choose the “Shipping Fund” as an add-on (and any other add-on you fancy)
  • Press ”Continue” and you should see your new pledge amount  Confirm.

Note: The Master Planner tier will have the Kickstart with Me reward included. It's not listed there, as it was introduced midday through the campaign, in response to requests.

Again, to claim any or all bonuses, just send a screenshot to let Kayleigh know what you're due: info [at] ornaross.com

Extra Bonus for All Backers

A free signed, print copy of Creative Self-Publishing, together with two bonus PDF downloadable worksheets:

  • Understand the Seven Stages of the Creative Process in Writing and Publishing
  • 99 Ways to Expand Your Reader Network 
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