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Session Sponsor, BooksGoSocial aims to reproduce the book shop experience online. What makes people want to buy a book? They browse, read the first page, if they like what they see, if it intrigues them, then they’ll buy. That’s the book shop experience, browsing, looking at covers, discovering books, reading.

BooksGoSocial was started to get more books read and to help authors find a new audience. The service actively promotes author members every day to its 376,236 followers on Twitter, Facebook, by email, on Pinterest and through multi-book YouTube trailers. The goal is to remove some of the burden from writers of having to self promote, and to do so in an ethical and low cost way.

This site is growing fast, booming is how you might describe it, especially with readers, people who want to find new books and taste them quickly, to see if they like them. And then buy them, fast.

Facebook: BooksGoSocial
Twitter: @yournewbooks
Website: www.booksgosocial.com

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