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Author-ity Authors is a Session Sponsor for our 2017 Frankfurt Book Fair Indie Author Fringe event.

Our online conference starts at 10am (Frankfurt) on October 14th 2017 and runs continuously for 24 hours.

This indie author event is free to attend thanks to the generous support of sponsors like Author-ity Authors.

Publishing Services for Independent Non-Fiction Authors

Authority Authors

Imagine a world of self-publishing where you are guided from the very start of your ideas for writing a book, all the way through the journey of becoming an authority in your area of expertise or shared wisdom.

We start with helping you to develop your ideas, focus on what the main areas are that you should be writing about, and help you craft the flow and content of your first book.   We also explore then what needs to be carried over to subsequent books later.  Then you take away your well-crafted plan and are coached one-on-one over next few weeks/months to write your manuscript.

Our journey also takes you through many parts of the post-book phase of author-ship.  This includes checking your website, social media platforms, landing pages and newsletters are all up to scratch, and ready for you to be confident as the authority you are. We take care of uploading your book to Amazon, Create Space, and Kindle, helping you to do this so that you are confident to manage and work the tools you have available to you there for maximizing your selling potential.

We bring 12 years, 50+ books, 70 authors assisted and a dedication to excellence in self-publishing to the table, as well as a strong focus on helping our authors to learn how it all works, giving you ownership of your work and the knowledge to get leverage on it.

We’re highly specialised, boutique, hands-on, and selective. We only work with committed authors who are focused on getting their books written, published, distributed, and marketed as a high-profile tool to achieve their business objectives.

Get Social with usWebsite:  www.authorityauthors.com.au

Twitter:  @Author_ityAutha


Bonus Offer for Indie Author Fringe attendees… FREE Author Resources at bit.ly/FBFaa until 31st October.

Authority Authors

Frankfurt Book Fair Session

Session sponsored by Author-ity AuthorsAuthor-ity Authors are sponsoring Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith's session “What does it take to succeed in the business of books?” session.

Between them, Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith have almost a century’s experience in books and a multilayered, international publishing and book-selling empire. Kris’s “Business Musings” each Friday and Dean’s “How To Think Like A Publisher” are legendary among self-publishers. In this wide ranging and inspiring interview they talk about what it takes to make a life and a living in books, including their latest venture, running three physical bookstores.


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